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. What’s your all-time favorite memory?
Graduating basic training/ AIT
US circumcision rate
I am not circumcised, I was not aware it is such a common thing until 2 years ago.
America come here.
Idk about the drugs and alcohol dawg, never interested me. The high obesity rates are from easy access to cheap but unhealthy foods. We know its not a perfect country but we love it so of course we ar...
Teach me something...
That's actually really cool
worst top 5 ever?
Personally I think this is the best its been in a while, yes liquid is dominant but they aren't unbeatable, and the top 7 or 8 in the world all play each other so close you get exciting matches the wh...
Bring back a retired player
The big bang happened cause no one bought a defuse kit
HellRaisers vs forZe
Well...they still didn't lose :^)
HellRaisers vs forZe
Been rough lately for windigo, time to turn it around here
FaZe vs Windigo
This will be interesting with calyx, could be a very close game
Hockey people come
Reddit streams are a good way to watch sports.
worst serial killers?
Define worst, like as in they were terrible or not interesting as a killer or worst as in they were completely fucked up and had tortuous ways or motives for killing people?
NFL Draft 2019
Counting free agency. Browns. Jags, Redskins, 49ers and colts all did very well. Curious to see how Arizona will be now. As a chiefs fan I'm excited. Especially since it looks like hill wont be with ...
Your current job and ideal job
Current : army Ideal : zoologist / biologist