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Been playing cs since a few weeks before 1.6 came out

Former clans:
4Kings - AaroN aRCH1eb Onscreen Suffz zaK
Free Agents.UK v3 - AaroN aRCH1eb Kurt1s Suffz zaK
Free Agents.UK v2 - black Jorder MurdY spK zaK
Free - aRCH1eb maxaki wizox yakin zaK
Free - arch1e NoxeL obaah skiPP zaK zeun
Free Agents.UK - arch1e faken Kenjinn MurdY Sharpe zaK
vVv Gaming - arch1e faken JungleboY taLz zaK
#TU&W - arch1e friza gsxje sLy spaNKy zaK pie
TeamUK 09 for ENC - cRueL^ f0z kyle aaron warren zaK
TeamUK 10 for CB - bomber faken JungleboY Kyle Redh Shippo zaK
WeMakeSnail - Arch1e Iveien pie tIEGO zaK
#H2k - arch1e Kenjinn Robbs Sharpe zaK
#straightsix - arch1e boL Ct-R m1kke MurdY RazeH zaK
#h5 - cRueL^ Highlander Kemistry RuLe Toko zaK Nitrony
#team-coolermaster : arch1e Faken JungleboY Kyle Neil_M[lan mvp] pie sLy taLz zaK
#n5d/#infused-gaming : Dem0n - passion - Kud0s - neil - pie - SolutionX - zaK
#freethepenguins! v2/#infused-gaming: DeM0n Godly KuD0s MystikaL Raikyuu zaK
#FREETHEPENGUINS! : bomber - edsworld - Finch - Guccie - isE - neil - pie - tmc0r - toMM - zaK
#herotiq - norwegian team. bratzio, drawz, grov, Whapor, zaK, ?
#cruel Ozzi - sLy - pdy - bernie - zaK - spaRky - plesh(inactive) - iL(inactive)-
#ethernet : ArmourKing, Devine, Finch, Highlander, KiD, zaK
#kArnage : Blackler, JohnnyC, Poht, texmex, ralph, zaK
#AcM: zaK, sLy, Kurt1s, SolutionX, moto, seng, blackler, onscreen, nitrony, MajiK, Tsang, KiD, Drisky, Silver, evilscotsman, fr3t, pdy, pie(L), timmeh #Chronosphere/fishlovers: Aenima, ahM, Angelus, beagle, copicat, pob, pronz, zaK
#Fgb.cs: antwerp, aenima, beagle, pronz, pob, zaK*: gang, tori, beagle, pob, Aenima, ahM, blade(Balde), Cirkus, zaK, antwerp, kuj

Lans attended:
i20 - Fishlovers
i23 - Chronosphere
i24 - 5th place #AcM
i25 - 3rd place #AcM
Infinity-gaming - 2nd place #AcM
Infinity-gaming 2 - 8th-16th place #ethernet
SGL:T - Fantastic Five mix - beagLe, emre, Grove, Wolfman, zaK - 13-16th out of 32
SGL:T - Merc'd for FREE THE PENGUINS who came 9th.
Wired Inn 2 - 2nd place - #n5d
kode5 UK qualifier (IG4) - 5-8th - #infused-gaming
IG5 - 3rd place - #team-coolermaster
Wired Inn 3 - 1st place - #team-coolermaster
ESWC UK Qualifier 2008 - 3/4th place - #team-coolermaster
SGL Summer SLam - 1st Place - #team-coolermaster
GameGune 08 - bottom 8 but beat x3o in the group stages
WCG UK Qualifier 2008 (i34) - 2nd place - #team-coolermaster
Wired Out - 2nd place - #H2k
The Gathering 2009 (Norway) - 5-6th - WemakeSNAIL!
Firecore LAN Newcastle - 4th - Virtuoso: cRueL^ Kenjinn mh ShaQ zaK ?
Firecore LAN 2 - 5th - cMar: adulki friza onscreen sully zaK
Wiredout 2 Birmingham - 1st - Free Agents: arch1e faken JungleboY taLz zaK
The Gathering 2010 (Norway) - 9-12th - vVv Agents
Dreamhack Summer - #SUDO - crashi feddan Friza zaK zeun
1st ESL EPS UK Season 1 (vVv - Online)
3rd Wiredout 3 - Reading - TLR
3rd Wiredout 4 - Reading -
2nd 4Kings LAN - Newcastle - Free.UK
1st Wiredout 5 - Manchester - 4Kings
1st strOng LAN - Birmingham - Free Agents mix (AaroN Kurt1s MaTzz Neil_M zaK)
4th Firecore LAN 3 - Free Agents
IOS LAN Qualifier #2 - Inferno Online Sweden - cMar: 101 chrisj Neil_M SteveoH zaK
1st FireCore LAN #4 Manchester - Free Agents
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i will r8 ur car
Jaguar F-Type V6 S coupe
I R8 Your Car
I do indeed live in Georgia
I R8 Your Car
Not sure if you're referring to the actual paint or the MSPaint blacking out of part of the number plate? D:
I R8 Your Car and a Mercedes C300
help audi new car
Orly? But yes, you won't get a 3 year old Q7 for that price.
AMD > Intel
any resolution I've tried playing in, all have issues, obviously the lower the res the higher the minimum FPS but none of them maintain a stable 200+ FPS in action.
AMD > Intel
I have an i7 4790K overclocked to 4.8GHz with a 1080 and it most certainly does not keep 300fps stable. I know other people with the same CPU who don't get 300fps stable either and even people with i7...
AMD > Intel
"Already get over 300 fps" - yeh, it's not hard for your FPS to go over 300 sometimes, but it doesn't consistently stay at 300, with the 4790K it drops to like 170-180 in action on some maps.
"From 2012 to 2016, the average price of insulin increased from 13 cents per unit to 25 cents per unit, according to the report. For the average patient using 60 units per day, the daily cost went fro...
push to talk key
shut up newfag
Why is the talent so weirdly distributed
Most of the good UK 1.6 players quit when CSGO came out, not sure about the CSS lot but I think a lot of them probably quit too.
Why is the talent so weirdly distributed
There were lots of people playing 1.6 in the UK too it's just that in CSS the UK had much more success. A big part of the reason is probably there was a lot more financial backing for CSS teams than 1...
Thoughts on USA?
Yeah absolutely no point getting more than a gig haha, even that is overkill tbh!
Thoughts on USA?
I get 1000mb up / down for $60 a month, which is fairly expensive compared to a lot of countries but not the end of the world. You also get a decent tax reduction of you're married and things like hea...