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Spirit vs AVANGAR
didn't age well this one
Winstrike vs Gambit
ty winstrike had them at 6/1 to win their group, think they win this as well
Spirit vs AVANGAR
favour spirit in this, avangar mega overrated
Vitality vs Valiance
ty mr burma
Vitality vs Valiance
i fuckin hate espiranto such a slimy guy
Vitality vs Valiance
you can tell this major is gonna be a dinger all on schedule, cool ESL aesthetic happy days
Vitality vs Valiance
ez vitality
Runtime vs Winstrike
why did people think runtime would do anything at this event more firepower in level 4 faceit pugs
AVANGAR vs pro100
with kenzor back in the lineup pro100 are good odds, but guessing their prep has been quite bad due to him being ill
Runtime vs Winstrike
how are winstrike underdogs lmao
esea or faceit?
ESEA is a good service but numbers starting to dwindle + they've done some very sketchy shit on multiple occasions. Feel like it's only a matter of time before Faceit puts them out of business
Hope so cos it sucks to see talent go to waste. But I obviously don't know the guy's situation and don't wanna jump to any conclusions
Fair enough. Just don't really get how if people are happy to play in mixes with him online why he can't try one small LAN. Could be a great career for him.. if he can't socialise enough to play CS, h...
Can someone fill me in about jOELZ Know he's meant to be v socially awkward hence he doesn't go to LAN Is this confirmed or could he be dodgy? Not a Dan M type guy just all seems bit odd like he could...
Everyone was hyping Extatus when they hit the top 30.. they really haven't kicked on from there. Looking rough here considering they're playing a meh mix of onliners