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gym good or bad?
Comparison to others is the root of being sad, compare yourself when you started going gym to now and you'll see great progress, also the vast majority of social media fitness influencers are juicing
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
Hopefully NA CS can return and eventually teams don't have to live in Europe to be viable. Best days of cs for me were 2016-17, exciting NA teams + personalities, those great Rank S streams. good time...
Holidays in EU
btw Portugal is a beautiful country, Porto one of my favourite cities I've visited, would love to go back :)
Holidays in EU
I'd recommend Italy over Malta - Rome is a great city with interesting culture, great food, architecture, wine etc. I went to malta recently and found it to be a little soulless, not really much going...
3 hours DM day 5
Sorry to be that guy but I would say play games/have fun with your friends and put most of your time into school. The chances of you going pro at this point are basically none. Anyone with the mechani...
3 hours DM day 5
ngl bro this is probably too much CS and unless you're 16 or something you'll burn out really fast or at the very least stop enjoying the game. If you have 2k hrs and you're lv1 faceit sadly you're ne...
Favorite beer?
Beavertown Neck Oil Blue Moon Baltika 7
IronWar owners alleged of owing upwards of $30,000 in prize money to teams
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
G2 vs Liquid
Amanek is such an underrated clutcher he's so good in 1vXs
nt tyloo
Gambit vs fnatic
forza fnatic lets goooo
Complexity part ways with peacemaker
how does this guy still get jobs mindboggling
s1mple: "Only when we are playing great CS I can show what I'm capable of"