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R8 me
Wouldn't really say HLTV is the place to post pictures of yourself, but apart from that, you can be proud of how you look.
If NiP beat Astralis
Sure bro.
Astralis haters
Flick-based players are doomed to have "dodgy" clips, it's kinda logic, I play the same way because I play on a "low sens" (400 DPI, 1.9), so when I'm done spraying I do a weird jiggle with my mouse w...
Astralis haters
From what I can see he panics when he gets shot so he tries to flick downwards because he's thinking he's being shot from the front, yeah; it's a sudden flick on disco, but if you look through your ow...
Faceit cheater menace rain finally at an end!
I saw some clips of the cox guy, as well as the guy from Singularity who has just been banned, which was quite obvious, but I don't see anything super wonky from this ZPERR guy, so from my experience ...
Faceit cheater menace rain finally at an end!
Honestly don't see anything that is even remotely blatant, only a shadow of a clip that is slightly suspicious but if that's the first in 3 games then I don't see anything off in the video. The mo...
Worst EU country?
Don't see how he can't have an opinion, just because he isn't european doesn't mean he can't know anything. I doubt you've been to every single EU country; and that you can point out the worst country...
How should i improve?
Var så lidt mate, hvis du har brug flere tips eller måske gerne vil trænes/have en til at se dine demoer etc. etc. så send mig en PM.
How should i improve?
Well, sucking at pistols can be both your aim, and the positions you take. If positioning is your issue then think about everything you do in-game for a week or two, you'll play like shit but it'll be...
Help with girl
Secret lover tends to be someone you know personally, you mean an admirer. And if you really do insist on doing it, then at least donate to her asking what type of flowers she likes, like morosek s...
Help with girl
Mate, that just makes it so much worse if you went through a site to find her address; think of the context mate. Even I'd be worried if I was sent flowers by some girl I have never met, nor spoken...
Haven't seen anything even remotely dodgy from them this event, don't get why people are whining about them 24/7.
Help with girl
You've already had quite a decent answer, personally; if I received flowers from someone I've never met, nor spoken to, I'd probably be a bit worried. How the fuck have you gotten her address btw? ...
TACO 100% cheating
Don't see anything out of the ordinary, he just preaims but slightly overflicks, don't know if he heard him though; but yeah, nothing suspicious there.
best keyboard?
Ducky make really good keyboards, but they are expensive as all hell. Owner of a Ducky Shine 5 RGB (MX Reds) btw, can 100% recommend it, the key caps are also of insanely good quality, and the keys...