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Donald Duck = Nazi
This is not bait you are in fact an antisemite.
Donald Duck = Nazi
You thought this was all a Troll ? No the Disney Company and especially Walt Disney himself where huge Pro Nazi activists. Walt Disney worked together with Fritz Julius Kuhn the leader of the pro Nazi...
Donald Duck = Nazi
Walt Disney was a know antisemite. "Walt the Quasi-Nazi: The Fascist History of Disney is Still Influencing American Life"
Donald Duck = Nazi
What have Jews ever done to you ? In school i learned that they where persecuted for the entire time of their existence because of antisemitism. Jews where blamed for all the world's problems basicall...
Donald Duck = Nazi
You have a problem with Jews ?
It's because we are excited to see the far right doing so well in all the elections recently
16% did you get this number from the French Antifa newspaper ? All the newspapers in Germany report at least 19%...
Swedes/Voters 2018
+1 SD now at 21% :D
We tried that already and it sucked
Swedish election: who did you vote for.
So average Swede = unnormal ? That would explain alot especially the succes of left wing parties in Sweden.
Swedish election: who did you vote for.
Swedish election: who did you vote for.
Spaghetti Bolsonaro ?
Divide in our Society
I don't speak Spanish sorry
One more year and he would have made it to the Club 27 and everyone would freak out about the curse.