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you have good taste btw +1
well, its true that this is not for everybody, but i fucking love him :D
My favourite rapper/scream rapper
[18+] hot girl pics/gifs collection #2 <3
JW Or Krimz?
device, NiKo, maybe s1mple or JW if they will be in finals
Top 10 favourite players
s1mple NiKo k0nfig shox oskar device ScreaM f0rest Zyw0o Cold/stewie
ScreaM AIM > NiKo AIM
Fact no.1 - NiKo is secondary AWPer Fact no.2 - its easier to play against teams like Windigo, Spirit or Godsent than play against teams like Astralis, Liquid or mousesports Fact no.3 - how someone al...
best sensitivity?
400 dpi - 2.7, 3.09, 3.5
new phone
ofc when you cant write anything anymore, just answer baited next time dont be idiot thanks
new phone
more stupid is that you are writting that he is poor, how do you know that he is poor? And second thing is that maybe he dont want spend 1500$ for phone
new phone
Greece talking about poverty with Denmark, funny
Real or Liverpool?
Liverpool all the way, fuck Madrid
Favorite music genre? 4:45 here you can see, that he sounds very similar, ofc that his voice is modified in songs, like in almost every songs in every genre, when you hear someon...
Favorite music genre?
well my favourite genres are Rap and Rock but now i fell in love with Trap Metal, and song? Well every song from scarlxrd
Optic gaming
I think they have good chance to beat SK, if the will play like they played vs NiP and SS