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i can't choose a Country to Live
7 september
Get your folks out of the house and throw a massive ass party, alternatively get high/drunk alone and drown in your sorrowful tears
Sad but true :(
True, but I do think that shortly after Yam got into RNG Rickeh became the best
You think Rickeh aimlocks? Evidence pls
It's like sleeping without dreaming
He's been great for a while, best AWPer in AU you the last few years at least. But yeah he has been doing great since joining CLG
What is your age?
au cs
I gotta disagree with the Africa cs>AU cs comment. AU cs is pretty bad, but we're not THAT bad
Australia AMA
Yeah I know aye, I recently watched this documentary about people on welfare and they're living in reasonable houses with iPads and laptops supporting 3 kids. It's fuckin bullshit
Australia AMA
Yeah but if you don't work you're a lot worse off than someone that does work, also economies don't work like that. In fact the government makes jobs
Mein Kampf
It is about Hitlers plan for Germany and what he wants to do in life. It's basically just what Hitler thinks is wrong with Germany/the world and how he wants to fix it
Australia AMA
There's not enough jobs for everyone in the world mate, and to think the world would be a better place by leaving the unemployed on the street to die is straight up wrong. It isn't a perfect system I'...
Australia AMA
Healthcare, infrastructure, money if you're unemployed, education. Just general stuff that is always useful to have and could be ruined by the private sector