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Neural network predictions
I tried it for league of legends cause they have several good apis and got an accuracy of 60%. My model didnt have some sort of recurrency tho, thats why it liked to predict teams that have been good ...
LoL or Dota?
thats exactly what I said tho... You learn fast when you play with 9 slightly better players. But that doesnt happen with smurfing. What you get with smurfing is uneven teams and stomps from people t...
LoL or Dota?
you learn something when you play with 9 players that are slightly better than you, but not when you play vs 1 smurf that ends the game in 20 minutes. This narrative that you learn so much cause of s...
Is America really that bad?
Trump LUL
they didnt send funds to the country though lmao. They funded independent people.
Trump LUL
You probably take nothing as proof thats the problem. Operation Cyclone is the name
Trump LUL
The US funded groups in the 80s that became the taliban and al qaida. But yeah bad russia
they dont. The USA has it harder to enforce them cause their citizen are dumb. The bigger the population per squarekilometer the higher the amount of cases and deaths.
Moon landing.
"there are lot of legitimate proofs those show it was fake" xDDDD
Betting makes me feel like shit
you definitly can. He maybe not though
shrouds deal on mixer was 10M
betting is pure stupidity
More like this thread is pure stupidity Betting isnt gambling, cause the odds arent perfect. If you have actual knowledge you can easily make money. But for me personally betting on lol is way easier...
seriously BLM?
he is in a state parliament so they should lmao