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1920 1024 or 800
you are about a year late on this one :/ 1 FPS make everything easier. Then the enemies just stand still for a second ;)
Predictions by the best brazilian CSGO analyst
lul, picking SK to win? fuckin fanboy. Kappa Anyway, I'd agree with all the picks except for NIP v Mouz.
Political beliefs?
I think Trump is a commie. I'm from 1960
Cause NA CS is atrocious. It was more a general thing than specifically about that match. It's also the CS morgue/church's version of "amen."
Why 4:3 is shit aspect ratio
3840x2160 is best rez. 4k rez = 4ks every round. Can't argue with the logic. Too bad Im too poor to get any 5k monitors :(
FaZe Fix...
FaZe Fix...
You know what is free? Your house. Cause you don't have one. #IveGotMoreMoneyThanYou
Natus Vincere vs Misfits
NA + France > CIS skrubz
Natus Vincere vs Misfits
Lawl Misfits OP. Navi plox disband.
SK still top1
Google translate OP, plox nerf.
SK still top1
It ain't a bait, it's just facts (except for the last sentence which was a joke). Whether you think those facts mean anything is for you to decide.
SK still top1
Actually 4 (ESL NY, Epicenter, Atlanta Major, and now DH Las Vegas, admittedly Sk had 3 different rosters over those 4 events). 5 if you count 2-0ing them in the group stage of Epicenter. SK hasn't be...
SK still top1
Hey at least 1 Spaniard has won a $250k+ event in the past 6 months. That is more than Brazil who sit at 0, not having won a $250k+ event since the Cologne major in early July. So in short Spain CS > ...
SK still top1
True, but you have to remember that Brazil is a much bigger country than turkey, so that money is actually split up between more people. If you look at GDP per capita (which is fancy talk for per pers...
Uh... no? Only person on Danish SK that went to North was Magisk, the other 4 were pimp (went to liquid), Moddii, Friis (both went to Heroic), and Acilion (went to Tricked).