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If faze loses this major
sticker plox :P
how can oskar be in top 20?
Niko had very similar results when he was on Mouz in 2016, are you saying he wasn't a top 20 player then? It ain't Oskar's fault that his team was trash for most of the year.
If faze loses this major
Splyce MLG Columbus sticker pls :)
1920 1024 or 800
you are about a year late on this one :/ 1 FPS make everything easier. Then the enemies just stand still for a second ;)
Predictions by the best brazilian CSGO analyst
lul, picking SK to win? fuckin fanboy. Kappa Anyway, I'd agree with all the picks except for NIP v Mouz.
Political beliefs?
I think Trump is a commie. I'm from 1960
Cause NA CS is atrocious. It was more a general thing than specifically about that match. It's also the CS morgue/church's version of "amen."
Why 4:3 is shit aspect ratio
3840x2160 is best rez. 4k rez = 4ks every round. Can't argue with the logic. Too bad Im too poor to get any 5k monitors :(
FaZe Fix...
FaZe Fix...
You know what is free? Your house. Cause you don't have one. #IveGotMoreMoneyThanYou
Natus Vincere vs Misfits
NA + France > CIS skrubz
Natus Vincere vs Misfits
Lawl Misfits OP. Navi plox disband.
SK still top1
Google translate OP, plox nerf.
SK still top1
It ain't a bait, it's just facts (except for the last sentence which was a joke). Whether you think those facts mean anything is for you to decide.
SK still top1
Actually 4 (ESL NY, Epicenter, Atlanta Major, and now DH Las Vegas, admittedly Sk had 3 different rosters over those 4 events). 5 if you count 2-0ing them in the group stage of Epicenter. SK hasn't be...