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Astralis 16-0
So true, I really wish the Major was a LAN event so we could have seen them actually get challenged :/
1st problem with STYKO and mouz
Better than 50 year old Snax though LUL
G2 VP or Cloud9?
It was a typo, he meant deflated. :P
ENCE vs Flow
Vireo.pro vs Virtus.pro
I wanna see this now. Bo5 showmatch. Would be so fucking hype.
They won Epicenter right before they became North in October of 2016, they beat NaVi in the semis, winners of the most recent tournament, ESL One Cologne, and Virtus Pro in the finals, who were runner...
IGL to FaZe
Tier 1 HLTV countries
Fine Scandinavia and its neighbors with really similarly designed flags. That better?
Tier 1 HLTV countries
You could have just said Scandinavia lul.
Tier 1 HLTV countries
Turkey is #1 HLTV country
Hey they could have used the King of Banana when they were getting shat on by C9 on Inferno.
MSL's teams have always been 1 hit wonders, once people actually realize they have to prepare for him MSL gets figured out so easily, so he should never be on a team that wants to be number 1 in the w...
Faze need some changes
Rain should be untouchable, he's suffered through the entire Faze experiment and deserves a chance to see it through. Plus when the team was number 1 it was usually because of him. Cut Guardian instea...
Everyone is the issue cept Niko, at this point they should just develop the ultimate pub team and make the team Niko, S1mple, Coldzera, Ropz, and Sunny
FaZe fix
- Olaf - Karrigan - Guardian + Coldzera + Fallen + Fer Oh shit I just fixed MIBR, my b... :/