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If you think Europe is left wing you literally don’t understand politics at all lmfao Neoliberals aren’t left
Capitalists come
Capitalism is the cause of all modern problems Billionaires are sociopaths Kill the rich
Maybe because the US overthrows the government of any slightly leftist country?
Because we have people dying from starvation while there’s enough food produced in the word to feed everyone only because it’s “losing value” to give away food being thrown away anyways. That’s expli...
ok boomer
Boomercide now Boomercide now
Winstrike vs Nordavind
Lack1 is pretty good
Expected that you have no response
Please source that, literally any figure that you can pull for communism “killing” people, capitalism has killed 10x more in that same way. If you want to talk about the holodomor, you also have to t...
Where do those death tolls come from? If you’re using the black book of communism as a source they count nazi’s killed in WW2 by the Soviet Union as people “killed under communism” soooo that’s bs
Gambit Youngsters vs Syman
Why is lack1 playing for Syman?
Nemiga vs AVANGAR
16-0 LUL
imagine not being a leftist
ya just be braindead
Right wing arguements?
We’re already in an ice age retard America has higher emissions per capita than India/china Trans people are real people whether you like it or not
15-0 half’s but no 16-0
There was a gambit match about a year before their major where they had a 15-0 half and lost the map E: I was wrong it was 14-1 to 14-16
Lmao you don’t know shit about economics Talk to me when you actually understand what ur typing