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f0rest future
You can make best decision on the server and if ure slow, ure dead. And yes, im well over 30 and yes, im WAY slower than i used to be. Like it or not...
forZe vs Heroic
Heroic seems kinda scary lately...
Besiktas vs Hard Legion
I am kinda sad. Didnt expect win, didnt expect much, but this? :( It was still interesting to watch in wierd way. Hopefully there will be at least few upcoming decent female players in future.
Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers
-angel -crush Get ANY at least decent dedicated awper same -> IGL You got 2x better team than this. Lets be honest, angel is done (and very overrated ...
100T, Misftis, OG, dignitas
Seems like we wont. I expected something till the end of september and meanwhile we have "juggernaut" complexity joke and nothing else really. Considering the statements whole situation is really dis...
Cache CPU or GPU?
They will have to if the FPS drops are so massive. For f*ck sake this is 10 year old engine. You should be having 300 fps pretty much on any map on decent I5/GTX1050/8gb rig. Let alone that maps loo...
Natus Vincere Junior vs HellRaisers
Dont know much about scoobie but crush is not good enough even for T2 CIS(!) CS and it is obvious to anyone who at least open hltv few times a week. IF they go to FPLC and pick best CIS player they w...
hellraisers smh
The thing is, if you have angel even if you wanna build T3/T2 team you need decent fraggers. Its not 2015 that you can easily pickup guys like that, there are lot of orgs who are willing to pay decent...
Natus Vincere Junior vs HellRaisers
I was looking at main page like duuude they are beating navi.... noice. Then i clicked the matchlink. OMEGALUL
Cloud9 vs Complexity
Juggernaut in action? :)
HellRaisers vs Syman
This was acutally TOO expecteretered . IM just curious if they get rid of angel, crush or both. Cause angel was lately seriously shitty, then have one map where he carries and then total desperation a...
FaZe vs BIG
I think bug did decen job, they were unlucky that baitzera massively overperformed. Made some crucial mistakes like smooye with awp in hands vs 1hp player etc. but i think they might be doing ok as le...
There is no way scream is signed for 100T or any other org that is aiming to really build tier1 (let alone top3) team. He was great, he is not. Move on...
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
Suprisingly convincing considering astralis didnt play bad at all.