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I am long time premium member and i doubt that you will do "much" better with premium. There are good games, there are bad games. I play only soloQ games. In fact i most likely will not prolong it. I ...
ENCE vs Valiance
starging to be the fan of these guys really :)
OpTic vs mousesports
If you look at the stats, how can train be fkin 16-14? Ridiculous...
My New Ryzen PC!
600w is absolute overkill (waste of money). Also get motherboard with b450 chipset. Other than that it is reasonable advice.
Faze ChrisJ
Thats the only reasonable answer actually. They got more problems than just bottigan.
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Ready for spanking navi? Year of astralis, like it or not (till the end). Hopefully there will be some roster changes in multiple top10 teams soon. I dont see anyone challenge astralis even in 2019.
FaZe vs Cloud9
Cant tell why, but this really made me laugh. Maybe because it is... true
Astralis vs Liquid
6 bilions clutches on mirage for astralis, insane.
Bravado vs G2
Its funny how you frenchies always trying to re-invent the wheel since like 2015. And surprise surprise, it is not working once again.
Mouz retards
Lot of players who are significantly worse than styko are making money in CSGO. Played with him just once, but hes decent (i am not fan of him ni mouz by any means tho). If they bring him back i will ...
FaZe vs mousesports
Super poor performance from mouz, if you consider they took first 3 and 1v3 clutch (4 rounds) they did pretty much nothing in this game.
TYLOO vs HellRaisers
TYLOO vs HellRaisers
Honestlsy? Kick deadfox. Not only hes super poof fragger, but his kills have like no impact at all. Punishing ecos is all he can do. Let alone pushing bombsites towards enemy with bomb in hands. If ...
mousesports vs G2
Is there any way to watch this (and other games of course) in english outside of fucking facebook?
SK vs Natus Vincere
I am actually starting to feel bad for s1mple :(