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All i say is i would like to see him in furia then some fkin godsent or such, cause all those other SA teams have no chance to be top 10, furia already is with coach standin :) I think he will go els...
What this means? Who is that guy? I mean furia makes by far most sense, but on the other hand they kinda miss strong (or at least decent) awper, right? And cold is really not even close to that. They...
Sinners vs South
1.3 odds on sinners are ridiculous btw. Ye, they are favorites, but this?
FURIA vs Entropiq
This match should not be this close by any stretch of imagination. The outcome is expected tho. Well played coach.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
If AcoR continue with this "form" he should be replaced rather sooner than later... I did not buy hype around him back then, but his stats are terrible for a primary awper (third star).
forZe vs Sinners
If they would play like this vs CoL they would win for sure and vs VP it might be close. Saw pretty much just ancient, but there were some terrible throws vs deagle buys (as usual :) ), other than t...
JaCkz's event
I noticed he is playing bad, but this? PHEW... Their main awper: I mean at this point, G2 is shit s...
forZe vs Sinners
Famous sinners anti ecos lol...
Complexity vs Sinners
U wot m8?
Complexity vs Sinners
2:0 CoL if they ban Vertigo, natoshapix will play better today. These odds favoring sinners are ridiculous...
G2 vs Sinners
Saif that it 100% work with both jakz and amanek.... and here we go. Even more if nexa is struggling. Now imagine g2 would buy oskar and neofrag instead of those two. I mean any top20 international t...
G2 Xyp9x?
G2 need an awper /thread
Interesting. My recent experience with nonpremium faceit was fairly pleasant, just like one out of 5 games were bad experience (yes, we had some screaming russian in team). I think they are doing g...