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Cloud9 to replace interz; Forester, SANJI, buster among candidates - Report
Sanji is not good enough tbh. He was not even back then for former VP, look at them now. For me it is forester, buster maybe, if he fits team better (they will try them i guess as both these players ...
C9 options
I am shocked, that everyone is shocked. He has 59 ADR past 6 months which is atrocious even for support. Other than that i think the roster is fine, hobbit is quite up and down lately (and was main re...
Expert Take: M4A1-S & AWP changes (ft. Scrawny, mahone, Maniac)
Dunno what is he smoking but making A1-S more expensive is literally end of that gun. I feel like valve done enough and finally kinda separated usage of both M4s. One for long range, one for short ran...
EG White, EG Black remove players
0.9 news Let's hope NA faceit or ESEA produce some real fresh talent to play along pwnAlone :)
oskar lol
He is hardly an upgrade over forsyyy stat-wise. They desperately need replace either shock zedko or beastik with better player. Considering zedko played quite well recently (which might change after o...
Heroic surpass NIP 2-1 with two strong T-side showings
I am sorry but for longest time, this NiP management is joke. Let's forget that device acquisition, i am sure it was pain for both sides, but ok. They finally benchp plopski and bring in aleksib? I me...
oskar returns to SINNERS; forsyy benched
Well, that is terrible for both sides. 1) Forsyyy is (was) quite impressive filling oskar's shoes, i think pretty much no one expected that. 2) Sinners for a long time need change on another post(s) ...
sprout slaxsz
They should get academy team then There are so few good players considering its 80 mil country. Slaxz is huuuge issue for current team. U can't have weak awper, look at teams it won't work. U can hav...
sprout slaxsz
While awper in current meta should either have huge k/d as passive star player or big impact due to seeking openings. Problem for slaxz is that competition for sprout raised quite a bit after young gu...
MAJ3R returns to Eternal Fire
Solid shitshow tbh. Soulfly was only hope to be relevant.
oskar departs TITANS: "What a wasted year for me once again"
hmm, sprout would be wild bet slaxz is so-so and he's 23, so not young prodigy either If he would get along with those guys that would make really scary team imo
oskar departs TITANS: "What a wasted year for me once again"
Actually quite a few T2 teams (maybe even T1) could pick him up. His decision to leave sinners for that team was joke from the get go. I believe he can still play on decent level tho.
Falcons announce kennyS signing
If he will work hard, he can re-prove himself. GL to him... Maybe one more change would not be bad idea, but dunno if there is anyone better for grab.
Roster Changes
Out of top5 most likely cloud 9 -interz Other than that plenty teams can at least think about it, the other thing iswho is avaliable. Teams which might consider changes: Faze Vitality G2 BIG NiP! (OG...
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