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Dignitas vs Sinners
He was decent in previous team. He's struggling a TON in this DIG tho.
Heroic vs Cloud9
Cadian is nothing but impressive when he's got "good day at the office".
Sinners vs K23
I've never followed czech scene to be honest, but players like fraged, pechyn, ajt, there are few which could be at least trialed and obviously any of them would accept offer instantly...
Sinners vs K23
You can easily get rid of zero and take beastik or whoever decent CZ/SK IGL. Or if we will be more realistic you won't get frozen, so you got oskar/styko/neofrag/zedko|zero + beastik (or another rele...
Sinners vs K23
Sadly, it is starting to show real structure of sinners. If Neofrag is clearly spot 1, oskar 2 and zedko 3 (a bit unstable, but allright). Then SHOCK as number 4 and a LURKER/clutch has almost same st...
Sinners vs SAW
This match perfectly shows once again: Teams are not as strong as their strongest player(s), they are as weak as their weakest player(s).
Sinners vs SAW
15:3 inf How the fuc* Zedko doesn't know from (i think) Shock that the last player is dinked by HS? Jeeez, that inferno is shit show :|
Save MAD Lions
uactually, yea.... not like they can do much more i guess.
mouz -ropz +who?
Question is. Why would ropz downgrade?
Sinners vs AGO
Considering beastik is doing all the shit job with smgs while calling, hes doing more than fine. Zedko dropped a lot lately, while shock is still super unstable (oskar to some degree aswell) :|
Thorins Twitter
Stopped to follow him few years ago. He's slowly becoming a weird troll he used to be decent analyst back (actually way back?) in the days.
Astralis vs Spirit
So even astralis can loose like this? Ok, it will be interesting to watch if (and how fast) they recover from this terrible spanking. Looks like year of CIS teams so far...
ropz out
Seems not reasonable to leave mouz right now as there is not better option for him anyway. If dexter can improve they might be actually very scary, way more than current Faze for sure.
Liquid vs Vitality
Stew counting his days in liquid in my opinion. There are better options even in NA right now. Liquid keiti incoming PogChamp