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Rush is deffo first to come, poizon is next (if not get better). Rush has absolutely terrible stats for quite some time now and there are solid players to get...
Rush only had 29.3 more ADR than me last map
This is bad even as a bait. He will be gone soon...
+1 I would vote for mhl...
Poizon improvement when
hope you are joking, cause cerq is terrible past few months There are AWPERS to get tho...
OG vs Vitality
no zywooo no fun...
Sinners vs Sangal
This is really sad. To be stable top30 team sinners need one more consistent rifler (ideally two, but there is no one to pick anyway). And there is really no workaround... Maybe get zero from gamerleg...
Please tell me hes not joining faze. Mouz were good while faze is literally shit show lately...
Complexity vs Gambit
I hope CoL will show up, in that case it should be good one.
Complexity vs FunPlus Phoenix
Seen just third map, but it is fairly impressive that FPX managed double digits while farlig was fairly useless for first 10 rounds and zEhn was literally useless WHOLE map ending half with 25 ADR (an...
es3tag free of contract in a few days
If that is true, CoL or NiP makes sense. I still think it was terrible pickup for the money and he is overrated, maybe he can prove me wrong in future. That said, he is still good enough to replace ru...
mousesports vs NIP
Sorry, but this ztr guy is clearly not T1 material let alone play some finals. Not saying he can't be good in future, but not now. Not in a year with biggest major in CSGO history... Just bring back ...
mousesports vs G2
Ye that was maybe too abstract, there are quite a few solid CIS snipers to get tho (and maybe few else). Or at least guardian, i don't know :D
mousesports vs G2
Amanek and Jackz in same team won't work in longrun even if you have heavy hitters like hunter and niko. They should stay with amanek and get proper awper. Sh1ro or someone... And ye, mouz are good. ...
Sinners vs SAW
14:4 loose vs 1 gun and full eco while 2 opponents remain alive. Not like they play 3v5 on inferno tho :|
Sinners vs SAW
3rd round on inferno is massive facepalm How they manage to loose these rounds all the time is beyone me, really. It was 5v3 for a moment i believe. Oh well, shock w mp9 from behind not killing armor...