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Cloud9 vs Chaos
I honestly think Cloud9 should buy chaos roster before anyone else do. They don't even have usual weak link in IGL role and they look really good lately. Would like to see them fighting T2 EU teams. ...
Dignitas vs Secret
Håkon > Haakon
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
16-0---------16-0-----------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0------------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-------------------------------------16-0-----------1...
Bymas new team
ah, ok
Bymas new team
nukkye is signed?
HellRaisers vs AVEZ
Wait, are you telling me that Poland has at least one decent team out of 25? Almost seems like it.
BIG vs Endpoint
Endpoint was just lucky that Tizian played terribly throughout all maps. Pretty much same as mighty(lol)max, but that was expected. Otherwise it would be easy 2-0 for BIGgest onliners out there.
STYKO, frozen, oskar/GuardiaN, Zero, queztone
BLUEJAYS vs Sinners
-cannie +oskar imo Might need one more change afterwards, but let's start with that
Originem vs Galaxy Racer fe
I wanna see originem in some T3 online cup, like lootbet or such. Just to see where they actually are.
Originem vs Galaxy Racer fe
GR = NaVi klaud1a = S1mple
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Endpoint
This new AT roster looks quite promising...
fnatic vs GODSENT I mean... real...
To be honest he seems like a failed gamble. Not a big deal, just get nukkye or someone solid.
ALEX isn't worth $600k
If this is true it is def. not first time someone is asking ridiculous money for the player. Imagine just how rusty he will be after so long break, there is no guarantee he will even become that good ...