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Official: Complexity sign Extra Salt roster with Grim, junior
All depends on how fang and junior will do. I think others will "do their job" quite well. We will be much smarter 2-3 months from now. I just hope they beat EG in any heads up.
Good? I don't care about k/d, but his impact is terrible as well. That is definition of GOOD support/anchor play...
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
This wa argument few years back when almost all igls had negative rating. Then someone realized that is bullshit excuse and era of hundens and co ended. And now, in current frag heavy meta, we are loo...
Last Dance goes official
Might be ok t2 na team, i am curious what fnx is gonna play and what numbers he's gonna produce. I don't believe in this. No star player, age issues. If they could have cold, that might be more intere...
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
I am sorry but friberg has no place in t3/t2 cs. Not as igl, support, anything. His stats are almost out of range (in a bad way obv). What is even more sad... he is holding back f0rest and players aro...
Farlig goes into free agency
He was not as great as FPX hoped. That is for sure. Seems like a pattern, we have good player, he shines for a while in T2 and then he disappears in different T1 team. acoR kinda same. If astralis sh...
FURIA bid farewell to VINI
I still think they should keep him over drop. Maybe he will change my mind, let's see.
00Nation unveil malbsMd as they part ways with trk
wait, the y won't keep kngv?
Top 20 players of 2021: Jame (10)
1,16 with 72ADR. LOL
Extra Salt add junior, Grim to FunSpark ULTI Finals roster
I am very curious about that last statement, because it might very well be true. It will be interesting for sure.
extra salt roster
ES is becoming a name themselves. If they do good, the will recieve invites aswell.
extra salt roster
If junior will be good it is acutally quite solid roster.
Faceit premium
same :)))
Oskar next team
Let me put it this way. I understand you are rooting for fins, sergej MAYBE might be good, but neither of them have even close to star stats (over 1,10 rating, impact, etc). Apeks (also T3/4 org) just...
Oskar next team
str8 up not enough firepower even for T2 team. I mean chrisJ in 2022? Seriously. He was bad year ago... Oskar, sunny, sergej all same story. Good, but not as good as they used to be. Then you have ba...