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CS:GO smooth only first time i start the game
was it the same case on all the builds you had? i think its the issue of electricity what happens when you take your whole pc to a friend? vs AGO
i agree, i think it was like RD: Hey mouseports, you dont use him anyway, we give you back what you paid and we are clear? Mousports: take him, we are tired of paying his salary while not planning to ...
Iran?? (+18)
WE as humankind... But well, there is no death penalty in Poland. I wont consider electric chair as fast and painless thou
Iran?? (+18)
"we don't cut people's hands off or bury them up with their head exposed throwing rocks at them for punishment." we dont? in some parts we still do :P I mean that what is today a good thing and thus ...
Iran?? (+18)
I think the balance is needed, you suggest all that new is better.
Iran?? (+18)
Is it really shocking? This is the case in most of the islamic kalifat countries... And best things is that FeMIniStS fight for islam for women as its freedom for them
GOAT = The most mechanically skilled player
the most mechanicaly skilled would be RoboCop from Detroit, Michigan
Headset help
1. Yes I have owned hyperx scamware before but thankfully I came to my senses and gave up on everything with "gaming" as a selling point. // a) what product did you have? Before the alphas I had Sen...
Headset help
Very good comment, 1. Do you own this headphones? 2. Do you have heard someone speaking throu this mic? 3. Very Good in gaming comms area, not recording music... 4. can you prove that they use said 2...
Headset help
Headset help
I am happy with them. however you should ask also people who had them both and could actualy compare:) have a good buy :P however if you are not bothered with price go find a good sennhaiser headset, ...
Headset help
yes its good,
Headset help
sorry i dont know what you mean
Headset help
i have got alphas and very good mic + possitioning in games + noise canceling + decent music
[18+]would u go homo for this guy
its a phonetic transcription of polish c = K sh = sz KOSZAREK - its 100 polish nickname wrtitten in english transcription so he is polish working in uk with some nostalgia for motherland :D