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Your current PC specs
They have 499 > 699 and 1499 dollar fixed price
Your current PC specs
I7 8700k release date Q4 2017, regular price atm in any polish store 400euro. Vs I7 10700k release dateQ2 2020 with 410euro price Rtx 2070 with avg 470 euro price, released Q4 2018 vs Rrx 3070 whi...
Your current PC specs
You've got 300euro cut, because rtx 3000 is coming with forced price, that's why prices of 2xxx will fall down (used already fell), and distributors want to sell as much as they can. It's up to you, ...
But they can't leech money as we on Central/East eu can
Ur welcome
PS5 thread
Not gonna buy it because I feel no need of a console. I have a gaming PC where I can play games. I consider only to buy used ps4 to play exclusive games
Your current PC specs
Higher clocks on ram ddr4 > ddr3, and you can overclock 6700 as 6700k
Your current PC specs
It can't be better, because it doesn't cooperate with ddr4 ram as 6700 does
Your current PC specs
Return your gpu, wait 1 month, and buy the 2x faster csrd for the same price, don't be stubborn and listen to others in this case, or you will regret greatly
Animated movie tier list
Wait, nobody put avatar?!
g pro wireless mouse
I actually understood everything. It's russian for sure? :p #83
g pro wireless mouse
Im using g403 for over 3 years now and it feel way better than my zowie fk 1+ and ec1a and b I had before. Rival 300 was the worst mouse I had tbh. No problems with logitech after tjose 3 years
UK UNI 2021
My friends are studying computer science in NL and Children Education in Sweden and are pretty happy about that. Personally I would choose NL cuz you can pick modules you want to study on your field o...