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Maikelele exposed!
It not even that they just talked to him, after it was clear that je didn't put in work they started watching POV's of nuke and vertigo for him, trying to teach him how he could improve on these maps....
FaZe lucky
+1 plus it's an unusual matchup CIS teams often get underestimated, while being a quiet different force to be handled
what the fuck is a lebanon? judging the christmas tree on the flag it must be where santa lives so north pole?!
+vertigo forever
+2 worst map in the pool no doubt itÄs a relic from the pre balanced mapdesign era
Coffee bad?
Coffee/caffein might deprive you water and acidifys your stomach
+1 olof da man
asian & oceania qualifier cuz 1 asian and 1 AU
woxic vs ropz
It seems like they actually did continue until recently
woxic vs ropz
unlucky, but if you compare the team woxic and mini played in by the time, to nexa and ropz's FPL team you gotta admit that woxic had the rockier way to the top. Only understanble that not everyone ...
woxic vs ropz
Imagine how fast nexa and ropz managed to achieve success from there on. Astonishing careers
I hate DM servers
There is a command, that emulates latency while being on a botmap, maybe worth trying. Despite that play aim DM's i know good servers on aim_map are rare, but i think they are the best.
Flamie ace
u cunt :DD
Female MMA
i dont necessarily mean someone that is fat at at 85 kg but rather try to highlight that a 85 kg man most liekly is much heavier than an averge female mma fighter. If he actually is fat or a shredded ...
Female MMA
I guess it highly depends on body size discrepancy. A manlet is much likelier to get beaten up, then a 85kg fatass. However considering that BJJ is a fundamental part of mma and was meant to nullify...