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Hard work or natural talent
I'm not quiet sure. Coldzera for example used to be owned when he first picked up the game, his brother said. He grinded until he was able to slap everyone of his friends on LAN partys back then. If h...
What do you expect from FaZe dreamhack???
Well imagine he just grinds a little to keep his spot in the lineup. Then MVP would be very possible.
WHOroic vs Gamb0t
Well if you'd rather not watch then don't watch. Guess you can get a pretty decent view out of your window
jake paul legit?
A lot of people wanted Ben to shoot for a doubleleg and slam Paul onto the canvas. Atleast he would've dipped that humiliation.
rain not practiced?!
+1 it always seemed like that
CS:GO guns
Yeah it was more of a personal rent against people like my friends, cuz some of them say they're playing valorant cuz it's new despite only being capable of playing inferno and overpass, basicly knowi...
Michael Chandler v Charles Oliveira
I actually anticipate Oliveira goin the full tony circle, giving us the Ferguson vs Gaethje experience again, i just doubt oliveira would make it as long. Even the month is the same if i'm not mistak...
CS:GO guns
All the guys complaining about cs not being refreshing enough are often the guys that don't even play half of the mappool. There is a lot to discover and evolve if you're willing to learn utility and ...
reason for NBK and ISSAA benching
I think it's a problem if you want to stay Top 5, but considering he was able to be competetive for such a long time and kinda often coming back from slumps it's understandable he went inconsistent la...
reason for NBK and ISSAA benching
Just wanted to praise ChrisJ for his time in mouz overall. Back when he was IGL'ing they still got some pretty high periods, where they could compete with nearly everyone