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The police are afraid to say or do anything. In my country, if you kept harassing people after being politely asked multiple times to stop, we would go out and break that van to pieces and burn it. No...
the solution does not lie in not having enough children. it's not the real message. some people in EU might start thinking... oh we need to give up our beliefs and lives to start breeding like rabbits...
Malmo is the rape capital of the world now. Maybe you live in another region of Swedistan which is not yet getting raped as much as Malmo, but it's coming soon. The muslims are breeding like it's thei...
dude, don't even try to mask the huge scale of the muslim migrant problem with your shitty example of a couple of old pedophiles from your country. i seriously doubt if most, if not all, countries hav...
i have to say it brought some tears when he said "sweden is gone". we all already knew that sweden was facing massive problems. run while you can. you messed up your country but the world sees your co...
Jesus fackin' Christ!! This is bone chilling and i'm not even in Europe right now.
polak no deserve pokefun. gg
cs is not for u, go find pokemon in toilet.
Dazed getting triggered about Case Gambling
RIP brain. Try read something else than memes, Swedistani potata.
Dazed getting triggered about Case Gambling
that was really shocking about csgolounge... i didn't consider them as a liability towards honest gambling practices since they have no part in the outcome of games except when their own team or possi...
Dazed getting triggered about Case Gambling
whether u win or lose with opening cases, most of your money gets invested into the upcoming majors. with gambling sites, your money is lost forever. btw, syndicate seems to be having a great party fr...
Dazed getting triggered about Case Gambling
not true. since those gambling sites can be (always is) rigged so people incur losses for most bets which in turn greatly reduces the odds. but if those sites operated without giving percentages for c...
lel. go back to sleep idiot.
De Gea is muslim
why is this not surprising... islam is religion of "peace".
Muslim hunting EURO2016
best comment on hltv. muslims are cancer.