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HLTV White Knight who believes in equality, respect among others and the integrity of the CS:GO pro scene. Below are the rules, please follow them to your absolute best ability. Rule-breaking is an absolute no go in my book and I will generally act on such measures if you purposely rule-break or indefinitely act disrespectfully/maliciously towards another user.

HLTV Rules: https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1497876/site-rules-reminder


Whatever rumour you've seen or heard about is entirely untrue. I'm just an average HLTV user like yourself who enjoys lengthy, drawn-out discussions and generally enjoys meeting new HLTV users. Every HLTV user is unique in their own specific way and I truly like to engage within that social construct, therefore being an absolute pleasure interacting with any user on HLTV. If you ever need to message me about anything, I will try to help as best as I can. Simply PM me privately, no matter the concern you may have.

If you'd wish to like even more information about me, here is an interview I did with a friend of mine: Mohamed_Gustavson --> http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=135&userid=760710&blogid=13845 If you enjoy it, please give the OP some credit for making it. Also check out this incredible user: https://www.hltv.org/profile/781200/b0bbutttoast My official sidekick of HLTV. As well as the blog I made which provides information in regards to professionals not cheating in CS:GO: https://www.hltv.org/blog/12097/csgo-professionals-are-not-cheating-information-provided#r16749842 <--- Outdated. The information provided is moot, but it's terrible written overall.

I have HLTV Chat installed to which you can download the add-on here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hltvchat/lacgnaacinhbponemblnjjelhfehmcmn Afterwards, a chat-tab will be available in-between "Forums" and "Bets" at the top of the forum. Otherwise, simply click on the add-on itself and it'll take you straight to the chat window. Please note: any "Jonty04l32" you see in the HLTV Chat currently is an impostor/impersonator, details here: https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1586541/hltv-chat-impersonators... Until the issue has been completely resolved, I wil not be in the HLTV Chat at all. The moment I am in the chat chatting with you all, I will be update my profile to tell you so.

Feel free to join my 1.6 server! IP:
- Please remember this is a fun server, so score-whoring and retrying to boost score is not allowed.
- Be kind, respectful and above all, non-racist to anybody within the server. Stuff like this leads to an immediate permanent ban. This also means to not grief, be toxic to others or act like a delinquent.
- Do not attempt to be an admin by wearing the same server tag, as that is only for Members/Admins.
- Fun being the main premise of the server, please do not flame others or cause havoc due to raging.
- Fun being the main premise, all-talk is on and public server talk is consistent throughout the server, therefore you would have to mute all in the "Player List" of options in order to disable this, as we love to talk and communicate with others.
- AWP/Auto-Snipers (G3SG1/SG550), Tactical Shield and Nightvision are all disable due to the fact you start each round with $16,000. Scout is only the sniper rifle you can purchase.
- We have many good players who play on the server and many people who are not good, skill matters not in the long run so please fear not if you feel you're not good enough to join the server, we don't care about that -- simply join us and have fun.
- The name "Player" is not acceptable and it will be changed if you enter the server with the default name.
- We have strict rates regulations to keep the game even, please make sure you enter the server with sufficient rates or they will be changed. Rate parameters: rate needs to be within 18k to 100k. Updaterate/cmdrate needs to be within 60 to 101.

**My credentials**:-

CS:GO rank: Global Elite
Played 1.6 at a professional level.

Online user since 2002 - moderated many online forums. Owned every single games console bar one (The DreamCast - Hated it) and have been a hardcore gamer since 1996. First games console was the SNES.

My strengths include:-
- Psychology.
- Counter-Strike knowledge/cheat spotting.
- General game knowledge.
- English knowledge.

Thank you for viewing my profile. I sincerely hope you have a nice day.

*Last updated: 09/10/2017, 19:32pm.* **Update info: Added my 1.6 server details alongside server rules. Removed my occupational credentials, left CS:GO/HLTV stuff only.**
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