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[18+] True Gentleman's Guidebook by Joeb
Yep. His kind of a gentleman is not really my cup of tea though, but i see and respect his view.
[18+] True Gentleman's Guidebook by Joeb
This is utter bs. Being a gentleman is simple. 1. Talk to everyone. Even the lonely girl in the corner. 2. Smile to, help and be nice to everyone you meet 3. Dress up nice 4. Never ever talk bad abo...
How to accept the fact that i’m ugly?
Your face will look like it's prettier as you work out. Dunno why it is like that, but that's my personal experience.
Couldn't be more wrong
Peek advantage
The chances of you shopping exactly in the middle og the enemies crosshair is very small. But yes, it should never be an advantage to peek unless the CT is making a mistake by being in a bad position....
Peek advantage
Wrong. Depending on your role, wide peeking is never optional. You often expose yourself to multiple angles with a grester risk of facing two people at once, or with little to no chance to escape aft...
Peek advantage
Lets agree to disagree
Peek advantage
1 and 2 in incorrect. You might not know exactly where the enemy is, but simply preaiming and clearing each angle as you enter site, is enough to have the so-called "peekers advantage"
Astralis k0nfig
It was a nice try though... :/
[18+] If you could have sex with any celebrity
Nina Dobrev
Scene dying?
That's an opinion
Create 100 steam accs for $2.5
Hmm, doubt that. But i respect your opinion. Good luck
Create 100 steam accs for $2.5
I would want at least 50$ for that x)
Your countries biggest rival and ally.
I am a pretty dane :c
My country is...
I see. I guess that i have no humor. :(