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RNG jkaem
How can you even say he is better than anyone? He hasn't played for about half a year so I don't know what you are basing his skill level on. The only time he was ever in form was in 2015. Anyone who ...
RNG jkaem
HS from Optic, Dennis (the Swedish one), maybe even JDM who is at least a known quantity. They could have even brought up another up and comer from the Oceanic scene like liazz.
RNG jkaem
There was so many other options wtf. Oh well lets hope Jkaem actually uses this chance.
It normally takes a couple of weeks after the event ends from memory
Yeah I got 17 points total in the preliminary stages and I picked everything but the final correctly in the playoffs.
85, most I've ever got
thoorin should be banned from table analyst in every tourn
Thorin is the most honest person in CS. If you are shit at the game or being a cunt he will let you know. Ever heard the saying "Don't shoot the messenger"?
Jw roasting VP
TaZ ruined Jesper's pick'ems too haha. Seriously though if this is true its kind of two faced to say in interviews that they are having a "Cold Streak" if they aren't even trying to play the game regu...
It wasn't even the Aussies bad, Nifty failed to consistently hold an angle in all of todays games and NAF was clearly on tilt for all of them as well. jks, AZR and USTILLO were the only ones who were ...
Temp. ATM in your country
The on field temperature broke 50, that measurement was taken in the stands, clearly in shade. If you watched the game at all you would have seen when they measured the temperature out in the middle. ...
Temp. ATM in your country
Yeah, they were playing in 50 degrees Celsius Yesterday at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The English players aren't used to those temps.
Yeah, Airsoft are classified as weapons under the "Air Rifle" category here. Plus all the cool replica ones would be hard to get even if they were legal because you need another special licence to imp...
Yeah the only deadly animals you really need to look out for on the East Coast of Aus are Funnel Web spiders, Redback spiders and Brown Snakes cause these are the most common and all of them can fuck ...
Haha, yeah sure we have Funnel web spiders and some snakes that can kill an adult with one bite but you gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. I will say that this isn't a place for arachnophobes...