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S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
So fucking hype. I hope the game uses a similar layout to Escape from Tarkov for the guns, looting system and graphics and take the story and NPC's to the same depth the previous games did. They shou...
At the event now people are getting heaps rowdy cause there is some cunt security guard throwing people out for doing shoeys. If you hear people chanting "bullshit"or random cheering its because someo...
Renegades rumor
If that is true it would be insane man. I could see it happening but its kind of weird timing, right before IEM Sydney, where RNG were invited specifically for the home crowd.
Rickeh to C9
I would love this change. Rickeh has slightly better skills with the AWP and way better rifles than Skadoodle and JDM. Too bad JDM has already clued in on stream that hes going to C9.
Yeah that's definitely fair enough that Brazilians are angry for what he said, I guess that some things are perceived differently between different cultures. I definitely agree that it wasn't an appro...
When did I say he was right in that instance? He is someone with a very dark sense of humour and he obviously thought of a polarising joke and posted it without thinking of the wider consequences. I ...
The reason he is hostile towards Brazilian people isn't because they are Brazilian, it is because 99% of the interactions he has with Brazilians is when they post death threats and other hostile shit ...
When people from a single country spam your twitter constantly and are antagonistic to anything and everything you say I would expect a person to comment on it. If you think being racist is calling ou...
-25 outside
Never seen snow either, seeing winter temps in Europe scares me. I'd take another 40-50 degree summer day over temps below -10 any day of the week.
Olympic Games
Yeah it was heaps fun to watch. I like it much more than the normal olympics. The sports are so much more interesting (bar figure skating and curling). Who the fuck wants to watch someone throw a shot...
Post your music! Their music is amazing and this is their best song. ^
RNG jkaem
How can you even say he is better than anyone? He hasn't played for about half a year so I don't know what you are basing his skill level on. The only time he was ever in form was in 2015. Anyone who ...
RNG jkaem
HS from Optic, Dennis (the Swedish one), maybe even JDM who is at least a known quantity. They could have even brought up another up and comer from the Oceanic scene like liazz.
RNG jkaem
There was so many other options wtf. Oh well lets hope Jkaem actually uses this chance.
It normally takes a couple of weeks after the event ends from memory