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Imagine being them, you think they will have great mentality when their own fans give shit and don’t support through bad games? This might be their downfall
blast host
She has always been really professional, usually has great banter too when interviewing players, I’d like to see her more aswell but machine is a great host too
blast host
Yes, swingers:CSGO edition
blast host
Yeah but I believe it’s just for this event, maybe we’ll see her more in the future
blast host
It’s because machine was hosting LEC last weekend and frankie was also there interviewing, it’s like a swap
blast host
sjokz, this her first csgo event but she has been a host/interviewer in league of legends for many years
wtf did I just read. Did you even watch the match, you think MIBR deserve it because they’ve been at the top for so long? u seem to have low iq
really good, watched it 2 times
favorite Knife
Bayonet damascus steel best for price
ENCE out of MDL playoff
But it would be better practice than MDL playoffs
ENCE vs Izako Boars
In my experience, polaks love cache and play it a lot, it would’ve been a great bet with these odds
ENCE vs Izako Boars
I’m pissed I didn’t have time to bet on Izako Boars to win, I was making food and unibet closed bet 15 before match started. Ridiculous odds, ENCE doesn’t play cache
Izako Boars vs Uruguay
Did they just lose 5v4?
ENCE suNny
wtf please no
Imperial vs WARDELL N Friends
Bye bye wardell and boys, no steel no win