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El Clasico of CS:GO
How the fuck noones remember LG vs VP in 2016
Top 5 Steam games playtime
CSgo 3200-3500 Dota 2 800 Rocket league 200+ 7 days 100+ Arma 3 100+
But also is a great degree to go to public sector, like politics
I dont see that way, in econ you learn a lot different things, like accounting, administration, but the diferencial from an econ to a administrator is the macroeconomic vision, only in econ you get de...
maybe in Russia, but here, and i bet that in the rest of the world, everyone has access to the university so any degree has more people than the companies and governament needs
Thats not just economists, every degree has too many people, univesity degrees in general would be useless thinking this way
Are you enjoying it? Asking because im doing too
Karl Marx or
Cant disagre with that, but he coud be more used, studied, idk, if analized by the way he did that with the people
Karl Marx or
Ofc hitler did nothing wrong is a bait, but for the strategical point of view his mistake was to mess with russia, if he didnt, the war could have gone totaly diferent
Karl Marx or
You need a fkcing smart guy to control a big piece of the country to fight against the whole world, not?
[18+] Brazilian cop kills man who tried to rape her
Yes, in some areas of the leg a shot wont kill imediately but could make the guy bleed to death just as this shot in panic
MiBR strategy
In 2015 kabum/keyd didnt has the conditions furia have now, their first major with keyd was unespected everything was a surprise for them, and the level of csgo was nothing to be compared to nowadays,...
Can Brazil get any worse?
Wrong place
MiBR strategy
Furia has potential, they are winning every match against t3-2 NA teams