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cheater with 2x major stickers
Royal Bandits vs fnatic Academy
sara and lurz still better than elossa and mago and i guess lurzbob has top10 elo in faceit
Royal Bandits vs fnatic Academy
i don't think RB knows they have a CS team
Royal Bandits vs fnatic Academy
and russ is going.. Arena Bulls.. i mean what the fuck
hello amigo come to beşiktaş
Chaos vs Royal Bandits
mago can u just leave pleae? just askin
EURONICS vs Royal Bandits
mago artık go away you are not good enough rahat bırak şu adamları you god damn it
Arab Acid
Why are you even asking it in a site where people listen lil peep lil pump lil dick lil shit etc. If you like eastern sounds check out Hey Douglas
144hz xDDD
Most of them same. Exact same technology and system in every 144hz monitor. Only build quality, ports etc depends to brands. Some of 144hz are popular and expensive because of marketing and fangays. D...
WOXIC insane 8.75 KD woxic again
Tarik 'Snake' Celik
even tho tarik would stay in c9, it still would be a broken team. mibr = more chance to be succesfull +more fans and money
Tarik 'Snake' Celik
well mibr's chance to win next major is still higher than current c9
black pro csgo players
they are dominating the most complex and hardest game in the world a.k.a Fortnite whacchu say?
black pro csgo players
how the fuck you get there its about to be 1 year lol
forZe vs AVANGAR
krizzen doesn't have a fuckin chin