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Asking out 200 girls social experiment.
If you want to meet new people you can join clubs or activities(sports, book club or go to concerts)where people will have the same interests as you or you can try out something completely new. Bars c...
Asking out 200 girls social experiment.
Im gonna have to stop you here and listen closely as I have the best interest for you in mind. Cold approach doesnt work...even those good looking guys will fail massively and if you are average looki...
+1 True, Pence delivers as strong second place tho
Soyboys: Spend $1000+ on phone with useless features to brag and inflate social status Chads(like me): Buy $200 chinese phone for chatting, calling and taking photos in the club with italian models w...
Apparently the gunplay and driving mechanics are underwhelming and it will end up being a bit overhyped but that doesnt mean that the game will be bad, just average at worst. Been really excited for i...
Sleep Machine or Teleport
A cold beer will do
France wtf???
Agreed, I highly doubt that such an individual can be reintigrated into society after being ready to decapitate someone for almost nothing and apperantly posting images of it on twitter.
Charging over wifi
Hop in king! We're on our way to build the 6g tower to enhance our cancer to stage 5 🗿
First I would ask her to step on me. Now that we got that out of the way and to answer your question, I wouldnt dismiss a girl if she was a bit taller than me but it does look a bit weird walking next...
France wtf???
This wont stop at any time soon...politicians will say something encouraging and repeat the word solidarity a few times and thats it. increasing police presence will not fix the main issue.
All of the above is true. COME TO SERBIA <3