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Poll ! Is VP Trowing online matches on purpose ?
where da poll retard
Mineski vs TheMongolz
If you knew how fucking wrong you are. However I will stop wasting my time with somebody, that tells me he's making the big money at the same time as he does incredibly stupid "safe bets" on bullshit ...
Mineski vs TheMongolz
haha bet365 fucking limits you in less than a week when you make actualy money
Mineski vs TheMongolz
and dunno what shit bookie ur using but I'm doing more than well on pinnacle & pinbet
Mineski vs TheMongolz
"I need a safe bet" Oh no, it's retarded :/
Mineski vs TheMongolz
> 1:1 tie "thanks for saving my skins" > winning anything "slightly better understadning of the map" -> More than just slightly worse odds Still bets on the massive overdog lul Overall skinb...
Mineski vs TheMongolz
JYP vs Recca
you misspelled roseau
Bpro vs Movistar Riders
wouldnt call them random, they are actually active in the spanish scene and just yesterday beat KPI in a close match at ESL Spain
Astralis vs NiP
LUL @Mod deleting my first comment, yet I'm here and now get rid of that spam above me you nolifer
Recca vs TitaNs
don't forget the insane fees, the poor service (closing bets too early or even worse, too late) and that you need to gamble a certain amount to be even able to withdraw 10/10 would scam again
v v v v v v v v v
Astralis vs NiP
tbh nip might win aswell
Astralis vs NiP
or maybe astralis
UYA vs HegemonyPerson
hahaha kid thinking everybody is betting with shit penny skins like children lmao Normal people use real money betting sites and that's where they fix single maps to make it less obvious, you can s...