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I don't want to shit on your thread, but you can only travel forward, not back in time, the idea of travelling back in time is a paradox, meaning, is not possible, travelling forward in time is techni...
best band of all time
Are you stoned ?! lmao The Doors /close
Brazil come here
type what he said, i ain't watching 2 hours of these idiots talking about random shit that i don't care
RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB R5 2600x @stock 16GB @2400 2x 480GB SSD MSI x470 Gaming+
Countries you hate with Reason
weren't the old portuguese celtic people ?! how are they vikings ???
Countries you hate with Reason
didn't the Viking/Barbarian fights were most Danes and Germans ??? how were the swedes the Vikings ????
RX 580 vs GTX 1060 (For UltraWide 1080p)
i saw some early deals (preping for black friday i guess) of the 580, but is still is a tad bit more expensive than a 1060, also, i get a lot of, "it's a future proof card", not sure if this is valid ...
RX 580 vs GTX 1060 (For UltraWide 1080p)
goddammit... this shit is killing me, i look at some videos, RX 580 running Deus EX MD at 2560x1080 with higher frames, then i load a different video, and the 1060 has a 7 fps lead over the 580... fuc...
RX 580 vs GTX 1060 (For UltraWide 1080p)
i have a 3770 non K right now, next year i'm planning to get a 8600K with a cheaper mobo
Villa mix expectations
+1 only delusional kids think these guys with no training and no commitment will ever win anything.... they'll play the major, bomb out of groups, get invited to play on NA EPL and qualify for ECS, g...
Brazil is a big country, it has the biggest amount of africans outside of africa, the biggest asian population outside of asia, and the third biggest white/european population falling behind US and th...
but you have to also count the fact that, brown people here, mostly consider themselves as black, the census research person has no place judging that, so he just puts back on the paper what people sa...
Villa Mix e-Sports
lul... Flamengo is the only one i can think right now that can buy them out
Fnx needs to join a tier 5 team with cogu, maybe he'll get his fire back, cuz just joining a good team, Fnx doesn't feel motivated... I dunno... I feel like Fnx's is long past him