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[+18] r8 german girl
very German boyfriend
Gaming PC Advice this is one of the builds on the front page that is actually decent. I see that you are also buying a monitor tho and 144hz is pretty...
Gaming PC Advice
u need to upgrade that RAM to a higher speed for Ryzen (3200mhz). I also think the RX 580/90 are better value for mid range. If I were building a PC in the near future it would probably have a RTX 206...
Trump liar
Is it the first time you've seen a politician lie publicly or have you been living under a rock?
xantares faze mouz big
Theres no stupid logic you clearly missed the point being made and everyone else is having a good time while you are clearly upset.
xantares faze mouz big
aw don't cry... we can all see how everyone else thinks I'm stupid with their +1's. I also didn't mean to offend the German team you obviously love so much.
xantares faze mouz big
I'm pretty sure FaZe has the money and relationships to grant Xantares a life in Germany.
xantares faze mouz big
>Being on a team with Smooya >Worried about egos ???????
xantares faze mouz big
And you're telling me he chose BIG out of those 3? OMEGALUL
RiP Intel
AMD needs to get their shit together in the GPU market but it looks like everyone is stepping up in the CPU market.
I will r r8 your country flag
nt medpakket
donating to charity?
Charity by concept is good but at the end of the day there is a never ending cycle of poverty that exists and there isn't really an amount of money that you can donate to fix it. The only way to fix i...
Obesity in the US
overweight != obese EU Brain OMEGALUL
graphics card?
ez Fortnite v-bucks for u men
I hate my classmate
*thinks in Crimea*