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YeaH! vs FURIA Academy
Gg furia sold this match
Movistar Riders vs Vexed
very nice 322
Winstrike vs forZe
Haha wtf forcebuy at 15-12 why? Gg this 322
Grayhound vs Tainted Minds
Reschedule again?
Revoltz vs Coscu Army
Round over - Winner: CT (4-13) - Enemy eliminated LukN killed abr with deagle LukN killed Mk with deagle (headshot) LukN killed maxl0rd with deagle (headshot) LukN killed r4ul with deagle (headshot) S...
Revoltz vs Coscu Army
revoltz so many man adantage but lose every round wtf
Revoltz vs Coscu Army
damn this revoltz team so bad GG
FURIA Academy vs Furious
Round over - Winner: CT (3-10) - Bomb defused Andrew defused the bomb Andrew killed yepz with awp yepz killed pablusa with ak47 pablusa killed fra with m4a1 (headshot) pablusa killed real with m4a1 (h...
Natus Vincere vs EnVyUs
haha if nv win mirage it must be FIX
Natus Vincere vs EnVyUs
incoming 9:0 T side by NAVI
Natus Vincere vs EnVyUs
Round over - Winner: CT (0-1) - Bomb defused Edward defused the bomb Edward killed ScreaM with usp_silencer (headshot) Edward killed kioShiMa with usp_silencer (headshot) ScreaM killed flamie with glo...
Virtus.pro vs TyLoo
Round over - Winner: T (10-10) - Enemy eliminated NEO killed BnTeT with awp NEO killed AE with p250 BnTeT killed pashaBiceps with ak47 (headshot) pashaBiceps killed somebody with m4a1 AE killed MICHU ...
FaZe vs mousesports
gg Mouz cant close out round
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs x-kom
Wtf this xcom can’t beat pistols
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs x-kom
lose eco lose out same story every match