I'm not a no-flagger,

I was born over international waters.

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what about esport-hijabs? they could make them with water-cooling and RGB LEDs
wtf sk
you don't GIT GUD by avoiding a problem
GeT_RiGhT so annoying
So annoying to hear nordic people complaining about other countries accent in english Look, just because your cucked country is getting its language and culture replaced, it doesn't mean that in othe...
I agree, they didn't gave the guy 3 months to show up
K/D is FAKE.
k/d is a snake
Best Free Agents?
jd martinez, eric hosmer, mike moustakas, jake arrieta and yu darvish
he's always subverting expectations
A f* horse's treding on twitter
not everyone who was watching horse racing posted on twitter, but it trended anyway meanwhile i have never seen csgo trending, very curious
A f* horse's treding on twitter
the worldwide trends, look for "Gun Runner"
NaVi lol
i expect nothing and i'm still disappointed just take the match to the 3rd map, some overtimes would be nice... Now SK will have to play the semifinals with barely no time to rest
>fan of FaZe I bet you were shoving your finger up into your bum yesterday when olof used the crowd to confirm if there were someone in checkers
smix TATTOO?
When a tall person 'tower' over a shorter person
smix TATTOO?
imagine being towered by a cambodian gril lmao WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN ?
Old fnatic >>> SK
Their 2014-2015 run will indeed look short in comparison to other legendary line-ups of csgo, the danish core just felt short of a major appearance now, in 2018, and after some minor roster changes th...
Old fnatic >>> SK
nostalgiafag exposed At the end of this year, if SK remains as a top tier team, and everything indicates the will w/ boltz, the brazilian scene will be relevant for longer than the Swedish scene was ...