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CS:GO res problem
This is a video editing software, and no, it doens't lower the fps for me personally.
CS:GO res problem
First time hit level 10 AMA
And how much time did it take you to get the 2k elo?
First time hit level 10 AMA
Congrats! Do you play mostly solo or you queue with friends?
Rate CeRq Fragmovie
The cuts, the flow, the sync - very well made! Keep up the work, don't lose motivation and you will be impressive! Note: You can use the commentators' voices while the song is more silent than usual t...
Netflix shows
Help with aim
Do you prefer 4:3 or 16:9?
Bpro vs YamatO
GL to Bulgarian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Valentin 'poizon' Vasilev, main AWP for BPro Gaming, flicking better than kennyS :v
Watching Naruto rn
PLINK vs Bpro
too ez for poizon
poizon - The Rising Star
adobe Premiere or sony vegas
In my opinion you should start with Vegas Pro first, learn the basics of the editing and then proceed to Premiere which I think is more advanced, If you only want to do simple editing like recorded hi...
tell me your sensitivity/dpi and i guess your rank.
400 dpi 3 ingame
TaZ Tribute Movie
Okay the first thing I see is u need to change ur font and text effect, use smoother effects or use just text without effects. The second thing is ur text should not be on screen for that long. 3rd: u...
Without Warning vs Bpro
Sorry, I can't give you such an information here. Connect with me with one of the links below twitter/milusheffCS steam/switch0ff1