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favorite drink?
whatever. i dont really care if you beleive me or not. i'm actually talking about my experiences , not some nerd shit posted by some other nerds on internet.
favorite drink?
mdma is different to x pills. snorted mdma last less and give you a big high. ingered x pills last longer but its a weaker effect and pretty different compared to pure mdma (depends on what type of x ...
favorite drink?
acid first then 0,3-0,4g of mdama every 3-4 hours , best 24 hours of my life. and this was in the middle of nowhere at an ilegall techno festival. just me , my friends , the wilderness and the huge so...
favorite drink?
they're the same. some people call lsd as acid.
favorite drink?
[ITALIC]acid and lsd [/ITALIC]
favorite drink?
my best experience was lsd + mdma. when it comes to parties i always drink alcohol no matter on what am i on..
favorite drink?
depends on situation but you cant take cocaine or x on a regular socially basis like you drink a beer for example. my point i still love alcohol after trying almost all drugs out there.
favorite drink?
i did chill.
chill , coins on lounge dont mean anything , its just game to increase the site traffic.
favorite drink?
after years of smoking literally tons of weed i ended up prefering a beer over a joint.
Coldzera and FalleN [E-sports Winners]
who cares if you cant win any LAN ?
Trump is dumb
most of those who voted for hi dont know either so , expected.
so basically you admit you are uninformed and superficial as fuck but still come here to talk about stuff , expected.