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[+18] r8 nightclub girls
Brazil Come here asap
My God ! Don't go to Rio my fellow, there are so many places to visit, Brazil is huge and have so many nice places to go, much better than Rio. Srsly, there's tons of beautiful places. Many of the ...
Germans come
Este é um site internacional, por favor escreva seu comentário em Português. Comentários em outro idioma serão excluídos.
subroza cheater
Well, he's always moving his aim and the funny thing is: many of the suspicious pro players have/had same feature like him, just watch flusha back some years. Nowadays they seem to avoid shaking very ...
Brasileiros come here
Stop being nice. You should trash talk on us and let the anger flow in your blood. Show us u're a real hltv user.
BR fans come
"He's the kind of person that eveything should be done his own way, otherwise he'll be mad at you, he wants to control everyone's life style". I don't remember who said that, I guess it was fer or fel...
disagreed. -1
Brazil or USA
I don't know how they drink that much too. When they bring their family it's kinda funny, drinking all night long, but nice people in general. Now it's oktuberfest time and gonna be great.
How does your country see germany?
Great country, language and people, but comeon why so many muslims there? Don't become another muslim country, please. Full enough.
NA invented internet
Brazil invented airplane you guys use our invention to go to the majors
Brazil Come Here
Pão de queijo, Doce de leite com maracujá e Café
Brazil major confirmed
Rio hahahahahahaha
Brazil top 1
Só alemão? Tem uma par de poloneses aqui tbm procurando emprego. A maioria é folgado pra caralho, eu já vi briga numa festa onde uma descendente alemã rebaixou a gente e um cara quase meteu o tapa na ...
Brazil top 1
they say "me ajuda, tenho filhos sinhô, Allah te abençoe".