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FURIA vs eUnited
Furia the brazilian MIBR
MIBRA7IL will destroy NiP
16-9 MIBR 16-15 NIP 16-10 MIBR 16-16 NIP Thank me later.
Xantares did a gud job against c9, but I think he deserves a better team/opportunity and working with german players is not the ideal thing for him. Just my opinion.
This girl on the left is wonderful 2:03
The most toxic nationality you encountered
Stopped at "We traveled to the moon''.
MiBR 5th?
MiBR Adam confirmed, he speaks portuguese
Swedish rap
It has nothing to do with rap, but I like this german/swedish boy, he's cute.
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
Hmm... now I understand why he defends muslims !
2 scandinavian girls decapitated in Morocco
Man, he's another Muslim fakeflaging, wake up!
[+18] Scandinavian Girls
Don't even try to blame the girls. Man, they were raped and beheaded, NOTHING, NOTHING justify this demoniac act, even in a warzone. Are you really Sweden or another Muslims trying to minimize things?...
[+18] Danish girls murdered in Morocco
Latin America? At least in Brazil there are things that people won't never forgive, two of them are Pedophilia and rape. If it were here, these guys were probably dead. And yes, we still wonder if Mus...
european hikers killed in morocco
Oh, sorry, I just checked and u're right about Denmark. But why swedens and germans don't do the same? What do they rly think about opposing Muslims? I'm tire of seeing muslims ruling Euro and noone'...
european hikers killed in morocco
Probably those girls are from Sweden, Germany or Denmark. The most innocent people I've seen in my entire life! The worst thing is that these countrys don't fight against muslims or mass immigration, ...
european hikers killed in morocco
I challenge all the muslims to do the same with us here and stay alive for 1 week. Come play with us !