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https://sportv.globo.com/site/e-sportv/noticia/mibr-confirma-acerto-com-taco-e-zews.ghtml https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1949879/no-felps-mibr
kserato to MIBR Pronax to FaZe as coach https://twitter.com/neLendirekt/status/1076567617069113344
if s1mple joins mousesports
if s1mple will leave navi he will go to faze
Ukraine LUL
Russia’s policy regarding Ukraine does not allow us to develop normally
Faze ChrisJ
we have Niko who can be igl and fallen better then guardian true BUT he not going to leave mibr 1000% rn Zywoo -> cold. will be so good if cold will be atleast top 10 this year but not sure abt this.H...
Faze ChrisJ
Guardian->Fallen S1mple=s1mple Niko=niko Olof=olof Zywoo->coldzera old shit this version can win all maps vs astralis in a bo3 or in a bo5 and maybe u not so stupid astralis fan with brain but not su...
Faze ChrisJ
hahahaha ok -karrigan +S1mple -rain +ZyWoo S1mple NiKo ZyWoo Guardian Olofmeister astralis will suck dick
NAVI in 2019
top 2 of the year in hltv rankings , 2 players in top5 players of the year -> tier2 ns bait bictch
Zeus has no place in pro cs
but all navi winnings of 2018 , top 2 year of 2018 its zeus achievement
Zeus has no place in pro cs
in his last youtube video he said that 2019 is last year of his career
Blast crowd clip
Final for mvp of the year.
man this year he gets 2 underserved mvp when mvp must be givven to other astralis player so not
Faze Scream?
scream playing on top lvl he was standing for fnatic with top stat
Vp new roster
And for Poland guys they will take Snax.Vp have huge fan area around the world.
Vp new roster
Who this 4 polish players that can be better then Tarik+scream+Adren?