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Cs wasnt at higher level lol
best mouse for big hands
Zowie and Logitech are the ones competing for the top leaving steelseries behind. U could try Logitech g403 its a very popular and highly rated mouse but one of my friends used rival 300 didnt like g4...
The Truth about mibr
Taco can join a t1 Brazilian team and help then to rise Fer just retire xD
I’m such a failure
try to fix ur confidence motivation work on ur personality get rid of ur addictions talk to some girls do smth for urself ur personality and try again if u fail or find something that suits u more and...
I’m such a failure
Dont play the victim. Just go fucking do something u lil shit. Nobody will give u anything bcs u cry or feel miserable they will only try to encourage u or smth. Just go start doing something anything...
device or zywoo?
Stfu stupid kid
Faze Lekro
u clearly can only see parts of the plays he makes for the teams advantage like dropping weapon xDD and letting fucking awper peek angles. U have little knowledge about the game faze runs itself and t...
Faze Lekro
i also forgot to remind that u need to watch the games more attentive in order to notice things and a lil bit from aside instead of watching faze games just like bosnian NiKo fanboy would :D
Faze Lekro
nobody said he will replace niko he will replace someone else and will start taking over igling slowly part by part cuz bringing any other igl doesnt matter who and replacing him as and igl immediatel...
Faze Lekro
Dude just chill for a sec. Any decent t1 igl would be an upgrade for niko cuz he can give niko more and also other players more freedom. Let me tell u something about what ive seen from watching pro c...
-Meyern is a mistake (IMO)
imo they should -taco for good and not cuz he is inconsistent in stats cuz he is inconsistent in his job and role he just disappear sometimes doesnt entryfrag doesnt get kills by doing anything he ju...
Rate my ULTRA RARE skin
xm asiimov
shox destroyed another team
u can suck my delusional dude
shox destroyed another team
ur delusional if u think nobody needs alex
shox destroyed another team
dude alex is a rich man he doesnt have to do this full time. And do u really think he would still be free agent by now if he got kicked? He was an incredible igl and did very well on fragging best aft...