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Your flag changes with the weather my friend. I will reply every time it does.
wasted slots
wasted slots
Trippy Polish flag bro.
shroud 7-17
All Shroud Fanbase posts concerning Shroud can be found in tl;dr form above.
Worst Hltv Users
Everyone below this.
Wtf NA
i thought they we're just streamers
Wtf NA
NiP/VP: who's worse?
Might I add Liquid we're legends the previous major. xD
Cheats new generation explained for newbies in this forum
It absolutely blows my mind the individuals here defending the integrity of cs. I'm not content being blissfully ignorant. Turn over the hardware and DLLs to an independent governing body ; Just like...
Let's be honest, what does legit fair play actually look like? Sometimes I doubt I've ever seen it at the professional level. Steroids were packing stadiums and stimulating revenue for sports owners u...
Predict E-league
We both aced quarterfinal predictions, but the only tough one was choosing mouse imo. C9 game was way too close for comfort in retrospect. I will actually take VP over mouse next week. VP will an...
Why Lg is losing
Easy throw for fallen, not even using his aimlock.
Why Lg is losing
This tournament's record prize pool makes it highly doubtful they are saving strats.
IRA recruitment Fun Fact! You know you're in Serbia when a list of war criminals and a list of Presidential candidates are one and the same. Your ...
Shroud won 70k
I agree, he should gamble against cloud9 on a LAN. Can probably make more than all his c9 winnings doing that. #worthit? #ibp