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Your Hobby
My job is my hobby which is getting super high and cycling to deliver packages and food
Girl Problem
sounds good break up with her move on have a good day :)
brother met a racist in USA
Better than having rocks thrown at you by pakistanis, but obviously a very sad experience. Focus on the fact that most of the people he met were nice.
KRIMZ new team ?
- xizt + reasten
Die Young
No one who said live fast die young ever actually did so. People who died young from living fast were too caught up in the living to say empty platitudes to convince themselves that their life is cool...
Your dream (goal) ?
Tour around europe cycling and living out of a van with a friend or two
Guess the game :D
Youtube racist ?
expected from subrussian but black history month was just an excuse to honour great black people in history, no problem right? of course not but now radical leftists have turned this very benign gestu...
[IQ 100+] MATH PROBLEM!!!!!!!??!??!
100 iq is standard right? 140 is genius or whatever. I think I am of average intelligence and I can understand only parts of this question, but I haven't done math since highschool.
Scream ruined his career
who tf is valens I only know who warden is
I ruin any team
just add cyanide and fix your brain, ez
I ruin any team
Come to Canada we're better than all of those countries plus our women are more attractive, maybe not more than australia but way better than USA
WTF summit2
new swedish team
would be cool to see but I doubt it. At best tier 2 EU