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Reddit hates Spunj?
can confirm 😎👍
Nomad or Martin come here.
the real question is why is this guy is still around? i remember reporting him multiple times. isn't it time you perma ban people for repeated violation of the rules?
tanz vac wtf
yeah add the wallbang point to the 2 other points i made in #47. like even if it is a cheat, what kind of retard coded that crap?
tanz vac wtf
tbh i've seen the overpass clip the same day so that's already 2 weird clips so im not really sure anymore. if a few others pop up i might change my mind. that being said, why would you code a cheat t...
tanz vac wtf
let's say he does cheat. would any of the 200 iq geniuses like to explain why it didn't lock on xand who was both closer to his crosshair and closer to him distance wise? let's pretend for a second th...
how the hell are you going to detect that? for instance i'm playing on and off cuz im not really excited about the game anymore. after i lose my rank i typically get placed 2-3 ranks below my real ran...
flusha cheated at some point
no i meant keyed cuz that didn't make any sense to me because that roster didn't have cold. the game you linked is from cluj-napoka major if im not mistaken. LG didn't "qualify playing online", they w...
LOTR ending
flusha cheated at some point
no, i really don't. can you link to the tournament / game in question?
flusha cheated at some point
+1 it has been explained numerous times and idiots keep bringing it up.
fallen 9999iq smoke
i mean you are talking to an "american" guy who's calling pop dog "updown", also knows as a russian 20iq pedo who's been banned on multiple accounts. please don't get in the way of him embarrassing it...
shh don't say it out loud, the martians might come to collect
Blizzard Bans HK Player Because Of Politcal Tweet
my bad, i thought for some reason it was the same person. my apologies.
Blizzard Bans HK Player Because Of Politcal Tweet
yes because banning someone for supporting protests against a murderous autocracy and banning someone for racial slurs is exactly the same thing.
baiting on hltv is his life though.