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How can you like these teams?
it's not feasible for hltv to permaban the major part of its fanbase. retarded baiters are great traffic and the best part is they always stay active.
Ben Shapiro
i'll answer in reverse order. of course it's not happening because as i've mentioned earlier people who pioneer equality tend to be willfully ignorant of the consequences. they don't want "real" equal...
Ben Shapiro
shaprio isn't perfect. some of his opinions make more sense than others. some of his arguments are well constructed and logical, others less so. this particular quote is poorly worded and contradictor...
that's why i am the best movement player in this game
you are a bit late
God is a woman
god is none binary
heh was about to write about cooller too. rapha is 29 which isn't too shabby either.
G2 vs
titan flashbacks
Respect Trump
how would they find one? their best arguments for making them president is: "I AM BLACK! I AM A WOMAN! etc". i recall cnn literally asked someone why didn't she vote for hillary considering she was a ...
Iraq murders
#MeToo is only relevant in countries that hate white males so who cares? not a lot of white males in iraq therefore they are entitled to treat their women according to their culture and customs. Kappa...
There is a Creator
Safe drug to try
expected to see a tubewoody comment. deeply disappointed.
is it rape?
the real question is: do you love beer?
Khabib disqualified from UFC
which is kinda what i said in #43. you don't have to go after this dude in the comments and shit on him on a personal level just because you disagree with him though.
Khabib disqualified from UFC
you are the one who brought education into the discussion so going by your own logic that tells all we need to know about you, though i don't think that information is required to assess you being a p...
Khabib disqualified from UFC
that was extremely stupid by khabib and he'll pay for it. i was hoping he'd be smart enough to pull a trick from shinya aoki's bag of tricks but apparently he wasn't.