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too soon
Cheating. Watch this
this is precisely the kind of behavior i described. a massive generalization regarding the arguments i made (all of them are pseudo-intellectual, all of them and conjectural, all of them are useless e...
Cheating. Watch this
you are in no position to assume anything about anyone else's experience in cs, especially considering you yourself are extremely secretive about anything that could be used to draw a picture about yo...
hi :)
i didn't know sk won the major with showtime. you learn something new everyday i guess
Cheating. Watch this
the day you start making points instead of trolling on these forums i might consider addressing them. until then please behave like the little troll bot that you are and stick to the narrative i descr...
Cheating. Watch this
3/5 != 0/5. add counting to your lists of strengths since you are so good at it.
Cheating. Watch this
address each of my points individually and tell me why im wrong. if im not wrong don't waste my time.
Cheating. Watch this
i got the majority of the points right. the two i got wrong were the "unintelligent conspiracy theorist" and "arguments not worth debunking" which were clearly a mistake on my part. those are obviousl...
Cheating. Watch this
i'll sum it up for you: you are unintelligent conspiracy theorist who lacks experience in counter strike, non of your arguments are worth addressing even though they can be easily debunked and you exp...
Cheating. Watch this
a pile of crap tbh. usually i don't stop mid video to draw a conclusion but this is just painful to watch. i couldn't keep watching past the shroud clip where he detects a million different methods of...
hltv top 20
1v1d Jonty AMA
i think i explained it clearly enough and as you can see yourself he didn't address any of my arguments and resorted to calling it pseudo-intellectual instead. as for the rank, personally i don't give...
1v1d Jonty AMA
thank you for providing more examples.
1v1d Jonty AMA
no, this is an argument (google it up if you don't understand what the word argument means) which is constructed of several premises all of which are based on facts followed up by a conclusion. i didn...
1v1d Jonty AMA
a reply ignoring every point i made containing a pathetic attempt to dismiss those points by falsely describing them as pseudo-intellectual (which in itself is painfully inept). it's true that i assum...