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HLTV turning into a gambling site
the only joke is that hltv is somehow considered the best international csgo pro coverage website and nobody tried to get it out of business.
sweden - god tierr country?
what do you mean "ours"? i thought according to swede politicians sweden doesn't have a culture hence why all those refugees are so important - that cultural enrichment. besides what do you mean "peop...
Shox is a fking assh*ole !!
you "get" to have? you don't get to have anything. they aren't playing for your sake. sure, without fans they wouldn't have a job, but you are easily replaceable. don't like it? don't watch it. if you...
Did s1mple forget that he's a professional?
is he getting his salary paid by team ukraine?
+1 like i said wesg should definitely give them some kind of punishment.
which would you rather have as a player of a failing team: spend the time practicing to be better to hopefully be able to win stuff with the team, or spend that time playing in a pointless tournament ...
If Koreans embrace CSGO
nice posting system you got there hltv.
If Koreans embrace CSGO
i assumed he was mainly talking about aim since he mentioned hit boxes. counter strafing has more to do with movement and is probably the easiest thing to learn movement wise. widow movement is undoub...
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
holy shit twist O_O
If Koreans embrace CSGO
thanks for double post hltv, great coders you've got there.
If Koreans embrace CSGO
it's kinda relative. for instance cs is considered by some the best fps game out there but it completely lacks some aspect of the fps genre when it comes to aiming such as tracing or lead shooting. th...
If Koreans embrace CSGO
+1 if koreans were into CS as much as they were into broodwar most of western CS would become irrelevant. korean dedication is on an entirely different level.
Exposing Jonty's english
let's assume for a moment he is in fact mentally handicapped. is it really worth arguing with him if that's the case? it's like picking on a disabled person - that's just cruel. ideally the mods would...
Exposing Jonty's english
i can provide some as well. i started taking some at one point but kinda decided it was pointless soon after. i was quite sure this guy is a fraud and simply trolling & baiting but then i realized he ...
african americans are too broad. it would be more profitable for nuclear powers, mainly usa, russia and china to conquer all the weak and prosperous countries and enslave their population, take their ...