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clown cheaters....
cheaters as in bluntly spinning and wallbanging people through walls with autosnipers or cheaters as in you get prefired on a common angle and get tilted? the amount of times i've got called cheate...
Climate change - 35°C
no you try again. if all property is PUBLICLY owned, then you don't own an apartment hence it can't be yours - it belongs to the public. similarly, you don't own "your" clothes, because they are not y...
Climate change - 35°C
of course my user name checks out. what other emotion, other than sadness, could the nonsense you continue to spew evoke? however, i will entertain the idea you are not delusional. here's the defini...
Climate change - 35°C
so in your utopia other people decide what's best for you, or rather "societal wealth". do you like video games? nah.. that's not beneficial for society. instead of playing games you could be digging ...
i really liked the narration and the concept everything else was kinda meh. storyline is decent but nothing to write home about. gameplay is kinda repetitive and tedious at times. didn't play with rtx...
Dota 40 million$ tournament announced Sweden
i rate your comment 322/10
Dota 40 million$ tournament announced Sweden
meh, a 10 min daily surf on hltv should be enough to tell the difference should be larger.
iBUYPOWER theory.
there it is! let it all out man. and to think it only took two relatively innocent comments for you to lose it. i vastly overestimated your self control. i suppose simply answering "yes" to my previo...
iBUYPOWER theory.
ooof, you didn't get triggered by me using "than" instead of "then", how disappointing. does my effort means nothing to you? how very shameless. on a more serious note, i don't reckon seeing you cont...