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Is famas > m4 ?
honestly his argument is 10 times better than yours.
Is famas > m4 ?
got em
Thorin comments on FalleN
so you agree with me that brs aren't untouchable as you claimed them to be, and that your comment in #298 was braindead. see, it wasn't that hard. now try really hard, and i mean really really hard be...
Thorin comments on FalleN
1. says brazilians are untouchable 2. has been provided with ample examples of brazilians getting rekt by orgs and media 3. bUt oTHeR PlaYeRs aLSo ReCieVe cRiTic i get it, some people aren't particul...
Thorin comments on FalleN
what, like guilty tripping the best team in the world because you didn't renew their contracts and then blaming it all on their IGL? like suspending and then firing the best player on a team because o...
yes just like the scoped weapons weren't viable because pros were too busy perfecting their ak/m4 spray instead of adapting. im holding my X down bro. btw mind telling me why pros spray at all? like...
i agree with most of what you said though i do think you are being too idealistic. i think we don't see "enough" of this broken shit in pro games because pros would rather try hitting a deagle headsho...
yeah, okay let's pretend that all the teams out there have perfect defaults every single time, lurkers always play it super safe, all positions are 100% tradable and pugs don't exist. gotcha mate. wi...
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my nickname is actually dedicated to the shift from a CS community, to a "money at all costs" community.