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poison like the OP should be perma banned imho. i'd rather see the occasional retard spam some memes or whatever than obvious trolls trying to steer shit like this dude and take a dump on esport perso...
G2 vs fnatic
when shox is on point he is fucking scary
exactly, lucky af. how often will that kinda of luck repeat itself? that's a one in a million play. the fact that happened in a grand final makes it even less likely to be repeated. maybe you have a h...
of course you don't. this could be possibly due to you not understanding any of the points i made previously. you are wasting my time.
ENCE vs Winstrike
holy shit sergej
i know i'd definitely wouldn't get shot in that situation, not in a million years. perhaps you would. not all of us are born with equal intellectual abilities. you should reevaluate your understanding...
i know that might come as a shock to you but life is full with gray areas and doesn't work according to some idealistic principles. being a retard and risking your life to prove a point nobody gives a...
TRUMP wins again!
can you insult him some more? i think 2 reports weren't enough, wanna make sure with a 3rd
TRUMP wins again!
that and letting trump satisfy his campaign promises. like the guy or not, like his policies or not but you gotta admit he tried to fulfill his campaign promises which is sadly a rare thing in politic...
Fantastic Beasts
im still waiting for a movie to be made about snape's life as a single mother. other than that HP is kinda overrated. don't get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoyed HP back in my early teens but it didn't a...
Left wing = virgin
heh i suppose the reality tends to be way more balanced than any media would try to make you believe, either left or right.
bntet o_o
Left wing = virgin
you shouldn't be surprised given the person you are speaking with. hell if that guy had a functioning family and a highly paid job i'd be thoroughly shocked. things wouldn't add up.
Left wing = virgin
yeah, not bitter at all. all it takes is to open theguardian's comment section. the right are akin to traitors, the left aren't left enough because their leader doesn't support a 2nd vote (which thegu...
China Number 1
pretty much. if they were as invested in cs go as they are in dota we would only watch chinese scene these days.