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Players that failed at top level
simple in the major final against Astralis.
About Belarus
Agree. We could be a regional leader.
Jonathan E WTF ???
You're Brazilian, what did you expect?
clip pls
s1mple >>>>>>>>>>>> dev1ce
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
s1mple godlike play: vs pro100
wtf is with the japanese category? Japan is 4th by traffic, and yet this category is so popular.
GL Ukraine
Russia took control over those lands years ago, they occupy it. If other countries don't recognize it, their stuff, but when you see Russia controlling the area, why poke the bear??
GL Ukraine
It's likely a provocation by Poroshenko. Why the fak would the ships go into the Russian territory? My theory is that he wants to make the situation unstable to win / call off the election in 3 months...
boring era?
2015 was a regular brawl betwen fntc, nV, VP and TSM. Nowdays feels nothing like 2015.
Your country's worst decision?
You meant converting to protestantism?
Your country's worst decision?
1. Noone helped us in the Warsaw battle, what are you talking about? 2. Why couldn't we join the 3rd Reich? Nothing is unacceptable when it comes to saving millions of people and preserving the well-b...
Your country's worst decision?
It would be a great help. Our country was a main point in Hitler's battle plan. We were supposed to cover the back - the Soviet Union. After Adolf "clears" the west, we were supposed to march on Russi...