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HLTV Ranking: not-idiot version
1. coldzera 2. niko 3. fer 4. Fallen 5. Rain 6. device 7. kennyS 8. Adren 9. Dupreeh 10. HObbit 11. xyp9x 12. s1mple 13. Kjaerbye 14. Guardian 15. Elige 16. K0nfig 17. olofmeister 18. ...
RIP flusha
The real top 20 this year
1. Cold 2. Niko 3. Fer 4. Fallen 5. Rain 6. Dupreeh 7. KennyS 8. Dev1ce 9. Elige 10. Adren 11. Olofmeister 12. Stewie2k 13. Snax 14. Pasha 15. Guardian 16. Boltz 17. Xyp9x 18. S1mple 19. Hobbit 20. K...
Top 10 AWPers?
1- Fallen 2-Guardian 3-KennyS 4-Hen1 5-Dev1ce 6-Kng 7- JW 8- S1mple
Goodbye Brazil
Astralis vs. Sk
Lul i like his confidence, but i don t think that SK is unbeatable, they re just very hard to beat atm... Betting on SK for sure, but it could be anyone's game..
We recognize that SK is the best team
no one will admit SK is top 1 because everyone hates SK's stupid fanbase.. But i do think they re the most consistent team for the last 2 years so if you don t agree they re top 1, at least admit they...
SK vs fnatic
lul, keep dreaming then..
SK vs fnatic
fnatic almost lost all their games, you should be realistic, IMT and SK in finals GG wp SK
SK vs fnatic
keep dreaming swedish dreamer
Brazil come
but germany never won finals against the legendary Brazillian Team from 2002
Brazil come
Brazil come
world cup 2002
Brazil come
BRAZIL 2x0 GERMANY in finals XD