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Project A and CS:GO?
+1 that's the ugly truth
Marxists come here))
Right side cannot be considered communism. What's happening on both the so called "left" and "right" is the intrusion of liberalism and its facets: the "economic part" of it on the right and the "soci...
DETONA vs Sharks
He will be the fatest player in this match, and you know what it means to brazilian cs
FURIA vs Riot Squad
vou reformular: de q time decente ganharemos??
FURIA vs Riot Squad
Pai amado, se a gente perde pra Riot Squad, de qm ganharemos???
Ben's Anime Team vs INTZ
I won't say they are better without kng, but having yel as primary awper (and thank god not full-time riffling again) and shz kept intz on a decent level
Ben's Anime Team vs INTZ
I doubt he would be (((toxic))) playing with good teamates
Ben's Anime Team vs INTZ
Plus, being an awesome igl gives his teams such a good advantage
If furia wins 2-1 both go through? Or furia may win 2-0?
paiN vs W7M
Pain 3-2. This match will be fucking long
INTZ vs Peeker's Advantage
We are used to seeing intz getting fucked so many times that we forget that they are actually decent players for NA standarts. Yel back to primary awping (or non-riffling) made a big difference
Ascent vs TeamOne
I'm not a huge fan of bit, but who would actually improve teamone to a decent level? The only IGL i can think right now is pkl
Giants vs SJ
Imperial vs Reapers
never really got this kind of atitude, specially coming from players who have so much learn and grow
konfig god mode again?
Maybe i've just forgot how good k0nfig were at the time, maybe i'm too much of a valde fanboy. Anyway, hope he reaches this ceiling