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forZe vs FURIA
I don't like your aggressive words, but you do have a point. Besides LG/SK, BR teams always had hard times vs CIS (even against the tier2/3 teams).
FURIA saffee
I'm pretty sure it was a decision he took without much consideration, but I honestly get him. He plays cs "for fun", which equals to playing with his brother.
FURIA vs Movistar Riders
This score doesn't fully tell what happened. Furia shouldn't have made 10 rounds total.
FURIA vs Movistar Riders
To be fair, it was not that hard to predict. Junior has been really shaky lately, so the awp duels are just too easy for smooya
FURIA vs Movistar Riders
I can almost feel smooya dicking Furia
Gambit vs FURIA
Shit, Gambit vs Furia will be like EG vs Furia.
exit has been performing like this for the last 3 or 4 years
FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix
BR CS: always getting dicked by the other team's worst player :(
Movistar Riders vs SAW
MR's complete inability to close games is really weird. Don't they have a psychologist or something?
Natus Vincere vs FURIA
Tbm não entendi. Tomar no cu
Natus Vincere vs FURIA
The worst players usually play out of their minds vs BR teams. I still remeber zeus and boddy rekting sk/lg
Natus Vincere vs FURIA
Why did furia start both maps on T side?
Copenhagen Flames vs GODSENT
O campeão voltou. The champion is back
Lyngby Vikings vs TeamOne
Teamone needs more firepower. b4rtiN's departure was the worst thing that could've happened. Kakavel (their manager) is too cheap to buy decent players. Kakavel pão duro não libera a grana pra t1 com...
Bravos vs Santos
Who's Santos igl? They're looking really solid lately. Xns and keiz are great.