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Shaved my balls
"He who cleans the saloon is surely expecting some visitors"
Mythic vs Swole Patrol
james "dust2 god" cobb
TeamOne vs Mythic
not true at all
TeamOne vs Mythic
that is not true, stop spreading this idiotic news
Fnx kick's reason
why do people keep bringing it up? at this point it's clear that fnx banged fer's girlfriend, they moved over, lets do the same
North vs Luminosity
north vs ex-immortals core at dreamhack is not a good combination :)
U watched Louie?
i did not express myself properly. I wanted to say the comedies i like the most are the ones with "easy humour" (Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, South Park etc)
U watched Louie?
why the fuck am i going to watch a comedy for its existencial shit? that's why i read bro
you baitando man?
U watched Louie?
Louie, Louie, Louie, Louieeee. Watched a couple of episodes, really funny. I'm nostalgic, so i prefer the good old Seinfeld
i like boltz
sucks that mibr (players and staff) want good results as quick as possible, which disallows kscerato, trk etc joining them obs.: i still think mibr have to hire a 100% portuguese speaking line-up
i like boltz
although i feel bad for boltz, it's quite obvious he will go to either NTC, LG, Furia or even teamone
Luminosity vs G2
typical brazilian cs thought: "we won vs g2 on inferno, so we'll crush those fuckers on inferno". SK/mibr used to do this a lot
Luminosity vs G2
brazilian teams have this ability of letting the opposing team's weakest players frag... not even joking: msl, body, zeus constantly drop 25+ kills against old sk and immortals
Luminosity vs G2
agree, but do not forget G2 lost a round to 5 USP