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They show real potential but the lack of experience and map pool will probably cost them.
stewie on the last 2 maps
he was decent for his first "big" LAN experience, the problem is i dont see his role in c9 atm but that will clear up in time
S1mple = Guardian
I don`t think you can compare them, simple was the player who atacked his teammates on facebook, guardian does not do that even if they lose and it`s obvios they fight. We don`t know how his personali...
IZAK viewbot?
is just strange that he beats bialy on viewers when they stream at the same time, like right now
LG props
they produced such amazing games and this LAN just benefit from them respect LG
Allu hate
"see allu having these massive impact frags" stoped reading there.
NA superteam
All good but do you really think sgares is a good ingame ledear since most of statements says he mostly antistrat teams not really coming out with grate strats that blows team apart.
Mute the stream better, most casters talk so much and so little about the game, and miss a loot of important action blabling about nonesens.
he would die from ebola just reading the label
you got all that info from a stream backround WOW
Gaming paradise
i can fell you envy rising
Gaming paradise
must be hard to see your country left outside the majors
NiP cant continue with this line up!
since fiflaren retired (was not kicked) it seems they dont really want to kick a frend and thats something they bite hard in the long run (forest seems back to form somehow, gtr is average and allu is...
VP is old NiP
friberg isnt either