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Fox new team
I feel like they would still go through CIS minor because core of team is CIS also ping might be an issue, idk you euros tell me, whats the ping gonna be like between portugal and ukraine
esea code
only if u got dat pussi ;)
hltv kids
It's because people aren't creative. favela is the easy insult, like burger or swedistan or something dumb. People gotta get creative. Unfourtunately I don't know shit about brazil so i just say fa...
NaVi vs SK bootcamp
That's kinda neat. Not sure they belong on HLTV, but neat.
hltv kids
help me
Your first mistake was installing windows 10. Imagine every mental disability you can think of, rolled up into a giant dildo. Then ram that dildo into your butt, and it starts magically expanding, ...
pussy reddit
Can devil speak english? NA players don't understand the language of the cheese eating surrender monkey.
Top 20 players
Oh look someone posted their opinion on HLTV. Let's flame him.
hltv kids
Until you have a flag you're in no position to insult anyone's nation. So far as I'm concerned you might as well be from Somalia.
rate rio 2016
Yea but that's not how it works. Let me put it this way. Take the cycling race, the Tour de France. From like 1990-2010 it was probably one of the dirtiest events in professional sports. For some r...
hltv kids
hltv kids
Some of those statistics are kinda skewed: - school one isn't - FBI defines "mass shooting" as more than two fatalities iirc. A muslim shooting up a gay club and a crazy man shooting his famil...
rate rio 2016
Innocent until proven guilty m8
rate rio 2016
Farthest distance I've run is 14 miles but NT. And no I haven't played a sport at an international level (unless skiing against canadians at FIS level counts), but lets be real, neither has anyone on ...