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G2.Happy ????????
They're not playing against the same teams, and Happy is always playing like he's the star and everyone is playing for him. In G2, shox is doing everything for the other players.
G2.Happy ????????
Shox is playing some of the best teams in the world, while Happy is only doing good online and boost his stat against worst team on qualifier. And when your whole team die to give you 2 kills every r...
im vegan ama ;/
It's optimal for your health, as long as you don't eat too much of it.
Predict 10 games (+small giveaway)
Penta 16:11 Nemiga NaVi 14:16 LDLC Virtus Pro 16:7 1337HUANIA BIG 12:16 Astralis AGO 6:16 Epsilon FaZe 16:6 North Ghost 12:16 Immortals SK 16:13 Cloud 9 Rise Nation 16:14 Ambition Torqued 16:11 Gale F...
Im not G2 Fan
Yeah I think it's possible. Because we've only seen the new Faze do well once, what if this was only their highest peak ? What if the form of one or two of their player drop ? What if since the break ...
Im not G2 Fan
That was 3 months ago. Improving is an option. But here we were talking about nV win against G2 online.
Im not G2 Fan
"well, guess what? if you don't win these online matches then you wont be playing on some of the big LANS anyways." Yeah, I said that they were important, how does that change the fact that they're r...
Im not G2 Fan
You were talking about the major, the major was 3 months ago. Online cs does matter, but not as much as lan. How many teams are doing good online and then shit the bed when it really matters ? Sadly...
Im not G2 Fan
Wow, I thought improving was possible, but with your logic being bad 3 months ago means that you will always be bad, so I suppose you think it's impossible to improve... I also didn't know that onlin...
Im not G2 Fan
G2 is supposed to be the "french superteam", not a superteam. And they're doin pretty good with that title imo. And yeah, many people claim they're 1st right now, not at the major, so saying they did ...
FaZe vs. SK/G2/Astralis
As you said, G2 is inconsistent, but when on form, they can win any tournament, and could probably beat Faze, they just need their peak to come right for the major.
G2 Fans Come Here
You can say the same about all Faze fans who say the same about Faze both G2 and Faze won the two T1 events since the break, and they didn't face each other, so we don't know which one is the best
And what other team like Sk and Faze have done to claim the 1st spot ? G2 isn't #1 because they're far better than everyone, they're #1 because no one is good enough to claim that spot. Now with NY, ...
Coldz > kennyS ?
an era is not defined by the number of major, winning 87 map in a row on lan and winning every tournament is what is called an era Not winning 3 tournament every year, even if now teams are better.
Coldz > kennyS ?
Where is Kjaerbye ? with your logic, he should be 2nd or 3rd