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I was really hoping you were not a baiter... But you can't be that braindead, it's not possible... Fpl player were good enough to qualify, Secret player aren't good enough to qualify, so Fpl are bett...
I don't care about your stupid exemple, that just work like it : If you're on a tier 3/4 pros teams, you get invite, if you're not, you have to qualify. They're on a tier 6/7 team, they aren't good ...
If they are better, why do they fail every month to qualify ?
How the fuck is this sexist ?
Only high level pro get an invite, everyone else need to qualify from FPL-C. Their team isn't good enough to get invite, and they aren't good enough to qualify, why should they be in ? And no one car...
Astralis throw
If Astralis lose, then nV is tied with both of them, so it would be 2-2 for nV, 3-1 for Navi and 1-3 for Astralis, they would be out
Does envy still have chance to qualify for the EPL?
They need the win, and a bit of luck after that, but if they win, the biggest part is done They could even take Astralis's place to the Finals
French People
You may be right, I thought a baiter wouldn't make a text that long, but i'm probably a bit naive...
French People
I don't know how many french do you know, but it can't be representative of the whole country Most people have some of the tare that you're talking about, but if you know only frenchies who have all ...
G2 what happened
Old G2 was very good only because Shox and Scream were on fire, so noe one could beat them. If they finally fix their problem with this one, they could do the same than Fnatic 2015
G2 what happened
Yeah, but it means, that's it's possible, very hard, even more if you want to last, but it's possible
G2 what happened
Fnatic after Pronax, they had Flusha Igl-ing if I remember well, and he's not a pure Igl
G2 what happened
G2 what happened
They weren't good at Austin, they're losing against Tricked... They clearly have something to fix
Gambit win DreamHack Open Austin
agree with that, but that was so close, like 1 cm