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Google pulls Huawei's Android license
I mean as long as it still has a value (it's not multiple years old and not broken), then why wouldn't you.
I'm surprised it works. It won't for long though, there's no way Valve will keep it in the game now that it got so much attention.
this is the command: bind "your key of choice" "record x;stop"
Your phone
Mate 20 Pro
Help finding phone
S10 + obviously. P30 pro only if you really care about still photography.
Cloud9 vs Liquid
I'm a fan of C9 but this team has had an unstable roster and been a huge mess for over a year. Liquid getting as many points as possible is essential as they're the only team that can challenge Astral...
Phone suggestions?
Phone suggestions?
Xiaomi Mi 9. You won't ragret it.
Mobile Games?
I play Asphalt 9 every day. It's a cash grab as is every Gameloft game, but i still enjoy it.
android phone guru's come
What do you do with your phone that you need another battery? Do you go out in the wilderness for a couple days or what?
android phone guru's come
I haven't had a phone with a removable battery for years and don't miss it at all. Get a phone with a big battery and fast charging and you'll forget you ever wanted a removable battery.
RUSH used to be a god at some point. He's capable of fragging. Fugly is at least as good as Zellsis but more experienced.
I could see them picking up fugly.
Cloud9 ? ^^
c9 couldn't win anything with flusha, they won't win anything without flusha. Won't make a difference anyway.
I think I fell in love ...
As far as fake stories go, this one is fairly interesting. I actually read through the whole thing.