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Rank: LE/DMG Weakest part: Giving info and inconsistent aim. Strongest part: Gamesense and movement.
First time in Sweden
I am the retarded one here, really? "this is an international site. Please write your comment in english. Comments in another language will be deleted." I didn't say that you got triggered I said it w...
First time in Sweden
Ofc if they would be praising hate speech they would not be allowed to march. They have to send in leaflet and stuff like that for review if they want to use it. I mean the org is Nazi but if they do...
First time in Sweden
Yes probably. I still think it's funny though when Swedes defend our country like it's top tier, when it was a few years ago since we fell of that list. Torilla Tavataan, Simo Häyhä top 1.
First time in Sweden
PPL there right now are AFA = Commies throwing rocks and destroying. Maybe the police could focus on them for once and let the "Nazis" march if they want to. We live in a democracy and it's therer rig...
First time in Sweden
Many german Commies in Sweden right now. Afa is fucking retarded throwing big rocks at police and I don't know why the Police don't just open up with rubber bullets.
First time in Sweden
Ofc they should be able to march it's a democracy after all. They got their route cut by a lot and also the time they got to demonstrate. Funny how the Commies wants to take away the free speech from ...
First time in Sweden
Yes don't mind them they just can't take it anymore, Every thread about Sweden they can read the truth about our "situation" over and over again.
First time in Sweden
Where are you from m8 and how old are you? get some snus at least. Fucking Absolut is the most overrated vodka there is never ever buy it.
SK vs Heroic
GG Heroic what a game bois.
+1 For a normal I pay arround 8-9€ but I guess it could be cheaper in Malmö maybe, but not 3€ for a normal size.
Ostdeutschland best Deutschland <3
FlipSid3 vs AWTR
ROFL F3 Ez for hampusGOD.
HellRaisers vs Japaleno
GG boys. JAP > NIP
Sergej so fucking good.