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R8 Asian Girl
Agent Kellerman
My sexuality
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I5 9600k @5.1GHz bad fps in csgo
Ram speed actually makes a significant enough difference in CSGO, look at their benchmarks and take at look at their memory speed.
Best dead meme
This is SO SAD, can we hit 50 likes?
kane ez 1 assist
why everyone mentioning me on hltv today?
Rolex Datejust 41 Whitegold or Yellowgold ?
If you have to save up for anything other than a car/house it's not a very good financial decision.
I remember just hanging from the top of my door frame in the hopes I could straighten my arms
If you go straight into strength, stretch before u go, when u go home stretch every hour if you are completely new. You won't be able to move ur arms at all otherwise.
Semmler is a traitor
You're so retarded and have never had a job. He was previously travelling the world event to event freelancing. He traded that for a stable job with a permanent employer whom has invested millions int...
Your regrets in life?
it was like 15 years ago so I could be remembering wrong, I went on a trip with school and bought some retarded pencil with fur on instead of rainbow slime.
I absolutely refuse to pay over £30 in a computer game
Destiny 2 OMEGALUL
I absolutely refuse to pay over £30 in a computer game
I don't play it but FIFA isn't really bad, ofc you have to buy it once a year but people play it every single day. Games that are a ripoff are shit like Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider and all the other...
scared from dentist
I am scared of dentist and have never needed any corrections or fillings in my life.
do the couch to 5k instead of spending time at gym, maybe start at like week 3 if you can
Favourite GYM song?