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FaZe vs Cloud9
Major means a lot more to players than any other event. You are a fan boy blinded by your band wagon love of a team to accept the truth. Also C9 2-0'd them so have fun with that.
FaZe vs Cloud9
Major titles. C9: 1 Faze: 0 RIP
The best US president
That wasn't really an FDR decision that was more so a decision made by his generals, and a decision led by the unjustifiable fears of Japanese by American citizens. If he had the choice I'm sure FDR ...
The best US president
FDR and JFK are the only presidents to really avoid having major negatives on their records as president. Most others either owned slaves, hated blacks, committed some sort of crime, or were widely ha...
Cloud9 new VP?
I feel like your logic is there with the title, but then your commentary completely falls short. C9 is starting to look like 2016 VP in a way that when it comes to lan they always do good, but once ...
[18+]Stepsister/brother porn
How am I not heterosexual? Would not agree that flusha is A. Fat and B. Ugly. You don't have to be gay to think a guy is attractive and especially not if he's ugly. But you're a fanboy so I can't chan...
Cloud9 vs MAX
Dota 2 was the game you were thinking of.
[18+]Stepsister/brother porn
Only Oedipus if she's related to you.
[18+]Stepsister/brother porn
Given that you like a fat ugly slob like flusha I'm not surprised :/
[18+]Stepsister/brother porn
Maybe teachers in Turkey aren't that hot, but in America and especially at my schools growing up there were some damn hot and young teachers.
[18+]Stepsister/brother porn
Well if you had a step mother that looked like Lisa Ann or a step sister that looked like Riley Reid I'm pretty sure your opinion would change