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SK/LG Era was the best time
We can still have Mibr vs Astralis ironicaly Mibr with Stewie and Tarik was a team that was challenging Astralis on finals i wonder how will go now they are 5 brazilians again
SK/LG Era was the best time
LG vs G2 bo5 EPL S3 VP vs SK ESL Cologne 2016 VP vs SK ESL NY 2016 Nip vs SK some IEM i can remember but was 2016 too SK vs VP Epicenter 2017 SK vs Astralis and Faze on the same day ECS 2017 SK vs V...
why does mibr get so much hate?
best englando fala tu kkkkk
finally someone spreading good words sad to see Nip going out especially with GTR and forest playing that well unfair draws for the ninjas =/
why does mibr get so much hate?
call ur mom to read for you then
an info for you before 2014 FalleN fer and all of FPS players who used to play professionaly 1.6 migrate to Crossfire because the game had some tournaments and competition with stream etc so they coul...
why does mibr get so much hate?
2k16 they won the three biggest tournaments EPL that epic bo5 vs G2 and the two majors but besides that they got to play so many finals and quarters only losing to likes of Fnatic and VP
s1 > cold
Cold won two impossible clutches on OT if it wasnt for him NaVi would be 1:0
SK x Astralis
Astralis is a better team atm lets juts hope for a good game
what you talking about he played below spectations for only two tournaments
Play like a god and be the best player for two years then you can talk shit to cold
This reminds me SK's best result of the last six months was with Felps at the major last year #nofnx #nofelps #nowin
SK era
Sk did have an era look at their results An era doesnt mean only trophies is the achievements and how the team is playing Their map pool and his results vs other top teams Sk have that
Brazil FalleN Coldzera Fer Fnx Felps
Why SK is so bad now?
Boltz and Cold arent talking english and thats hurting the team coms and sinergy