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Forum posts
she is still better than half the people talking bad about her here pretty sure the title is clickbait however
GoodJob vs fnatic Academy
cannie looks like he is about to beat someone up :') 2-1 fnatic academy since lollipop2k isn't playing i guess
Bravado vs Renegades
nope i'm just giving an example.
Bravado vs Renegades
they could have rejected the invite if they didn't want to go to brazil^ there are other teams such as C9 who could have taken the qualifier
Torqued vs Bravado
I'm gonna assume it's 2-1 Torqued unless ofc sonic can carry bravado again?
any1 else think buying branded clothes is cringe???
if you think it makes you look good and more stylish to other people why not? and if you have money to afford branded items then go for it :o
r8 this girl
sneaky makes me question my sexuality :')
Got asked for snapchat today by a girl
i'm sure it's fine if you give her your hltv profile :')
Bravado vs Mostly Harmless
complete destruction
TheMongolz vs B.O.O.T-d[S]
i mean Mongolz still beat them on the first map with high ping. they could easily beat BOOT on the next map if they were good but were outclassed anyway.
TheMongolz vs B.O.O.T-d[S]
i don't get why you have to hate on them for having the lower ping lol. in the end the better team always wins so there really isn't a argument here
k0pfsache vs Quantum Bellator Fire
and that's the 16-0 right there major legends indeed :')
can anyone tell me why rogue is in this qualifier? aren't they north american?
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
don't you think the strats he gives to the team is more valuable?
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
he's gonna get a good team regardless of how he plays now i also expect him to be picked up by a good team straight away after him leaving.