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pyth 35-60 HAHHAHAHA
Top 20 players of 2016
list was made long time ago
Top 20 players of 2016
tf s1mple has to do with this
tier 1 in france
because he is arguably the worst awper in t1 scene right now 0.60 kpr 0.88 rating and there's tons of clips of him whiffing shots he's, always bottom of the scoreboard when g2 was doing good he ...
REAL Top 20 Players of 2016
guardian has been shit over the past months after his injury. he was fine during the start of the year maybe top 15 max
NiKo obvious aimlock
raising talent
TOP5 awpers
2. MSL
rain blatant
you are one of the most insecure "pros" out there first of all, you feel you have to take part in an argument you have absolutely no part in. you like to call other people names because that's ...
skadoodle has pretty good movement on low sens but it all comes down to skill anyways. edit : his sens is high as fuck actually
why no 1280x960 bb or 1024x768 stretched
age 14 flag canadian name : andrewRm - <3 DaZeD kek btw dazed uses 4:3
rain blatant
you're an ex-pro and you're telling me to go outside when you just sit indoors play video games? that's ironic
rain blatant
oh great a user on hltv who's been banned multiple times. I wouldn't be surprised if you had very little brain cells in the first place.
rain blatant
1. goes on hltv 2. comments that I'm stupid but he decides to start a sentence with a new sentence with a lower "and" and "go" outside. Please be honest, do you do anything besides csgo? an...
rain blatant
and you have a guestbook entry saying FavelasNeverForget7_1 sensitive pussy can't take an opinion kys faggot n1