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Thank you thread.

As a certified techno lover, I thank whoever posted this banger back in a 2017 Techno thread: (Joey Beltram - Striking Distance (Original mix))

"i dont follow these stupid creatures but imo jonty seems too involved in writing stupid shit that i think he might be simply mentally ill or sth, idk whats so fascinating in this baiting trends on hltv. This is the only forum in the world that such shit gets so much attention. Or maybe its just 3 baiters creating hundreds of accounts idk im getting too salty for my "not caring" so gonna go right now :D" -mefju

"Veganism is an eating disorder characterized by delusional health benefits, fear of meat, a strong desire to avoid any animal products, and severe food restrictions. Many people with veganism see themselves as healthy even though they are in fact nutrient-deficient. If asked they usually deny they have problem with their diet. Often they post pictures of vegetables and anti-meat propaganda online and have an urgent need to tell everyone they are vegan. Complications may include osteoporosis, brain and nerve impairment, among others. Women will often stop having menstrual periods.

The cause is not known. Cultural factors appear to play a role with societies that value hipster propaganda, and getting laid with brainless hippies." -finnishFakeFlagger4

"Like I said he's a pseud, I met a lot of people like him.
They have two distinctive traits
1) They think modern music sucks, so they tend to overrated anything from the 50/60/70, even trash like the merseybeat pop that he posted in the OP.
2) They think electronic music isn't "real music"

This is mix of ignorance (see how the thinks that electronic music didn't exist in the 60s) and self-inflated ego
It's basically the evolution of the "I'm 12 and I listen to X, I was born in the wrong generation"" -NotNew

"ZywOO skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up" -2019 maymay

"Attention Deficit Disorder is bullshit and anyone that "has it" should be shot. You have a kid that misbehaves? Smack the little shit up side the head and tell him to shut up. I'm tired of all these pussy parents that are afraid to discipline their kids.

There's a fine line between child abuse and discipline. Take my dad for example; when I screwed up, my dad would electrocute me. And look at me today: flawless. Electrocution builds character.

All seriousness aside, the real reason ADD exists is because executives at pharmaceutical companies need to make their Lexus payments. Companies that produce Ritalin, Dexedrin and Cylert make billions of dollars every year selling their shit to lazy/irresponsible parents that want an excuse for letting their kids become the stupid, obnoxious, spoiled bratts that they're growing up to be. When I was a kid, all my parents gave me was a brick to play with. If I complained about the brick, my dad would drop kick me in the throat and I'd realize how ungrateful I was being." -TheRealp1mple

"Veganism is Malnutrition

Plants don't have:
Vitamins: A, B6 (pyridoxal. pyridoxamine), B12, D, F, K2
Amino acids: Creatine, Carnitine, Carnosine, Taurine
Heme-iron, CoQ10, CLA

Here are some basics on vegetarians:

Here are their problems as to why they usually quit:

Vegans are deficit in b12:

High fiber diets reduce serum half life of vitamin D3:

Vegans have weaker bones due to lower calcium intake and vitamin D3 levels:

Vegans have a worse memory compared to non vegans due to creatine deficiency in vegans:

Vegans have less gains compared to non vegans:

Vegans are deficient in omega threes:

Vegans are deficit in carnitine:
Vegans are deficient in taurine:

Vegans are deficient in iodine:

Vegans are deficient in Coenzyme Q10:

Vegans are deficient in iron due to the fact that iron from plant sources is less bioavailable than iron from meat sources:

Vegans are deficient in vitamin A: (studies linked in the article)

Calcium in Rats

Magnesium and Oxalates

Vegans have a lower sperm count than non vegans:

Vegans have lower testosterone than non vegans:

Veganism causes loss of libido and erectile dysfunction:
Children who are raised on strict vegan diets do not grow normally:

Children develop rickets after prolonged periods of strict vegetarian diets:

"There are some links between vegetarians and lower birthweight and earlier labour"

Effects of vitamin B12 and folate deficiency on brain development in children:

"Particular attention should be paid to adequate protein intake and sources of essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. Supplementation may be required in cases of strict vegetarian diets with no intake of any animal products."

These next five are case studies:

Cerebral atrophy in a vitamin B12-deficient infant of a vegetarian mother:

Severe megaloblastic anemia in child breast fed by a vegetarian mother:

Consequences of exclusive breast-feeding in vegan mother newborn - case report:

Nutritional vitamin B12 deficiency in a breast-fed infant of a vegan-diet mother:

"We report the case of a 7 month-old girl that presented with acute anemia, generalized muscular hypotonia and failure to thrive. Laboratory evaluation revealed cobalamin deficiency, due to a vegan diet of the mother."

Most recent studies using more sensitive techniques for detecting B12 deficiency have found that 68% of vegetarians and 83% of vegans are B12 deficient, compared to just 5% of omnivores.

On paper, calcium intake is similar in vegetarians and omnivores (probably because both eat dairy products), but is much lower in vegans, who are often deficient.

Vegetarians and omnivores have similar levels of serum iron, but levels of ferritin—the long-term storage form of iron—are lower in vegetarians than in omnivores.

Fruits and Vegetables

This is significant, because ferritin depletion is the first stage of iron deficiency. Moreover, although vegetarians often have similar iron intakes to omnivores on paper, it is more common for vegetarians (and particularly vegans) to be iron deficient. For example, this study of 75 vegan women in Germany found that 40% of them were iron deficient, despite average iron intakes that were above the recommended daily allowance.

many plant foods that contain zinc also contain phytate, which inhibits zinc absorption. Vegetarian diets tend to reduce zinc absorption by about 35% compared with omniovorous diet.

Thus, even when the diet meets or exceeds the RDA for zinc, deficiency may still occur. One study suggested that vegetarians may require up to 50% more zinc than omnivores for this reason.

The Naive Vegetarian

Soy decreases your testosterone

Why you need dietary cholesterol:

Very great total picture kind of lecture:

Eating meat increases testosterone

Saturated Fat Finally Vindicated in Long Buried Study

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Consumption as Part of a Weight Loss Diet Does Not Lead to an Adverse Metabolic Profile When Compared to Olive Oil

Why you need cholesterol for testosterone

Saturated Fat

Humans evolved a specific hunting mechanism recently

Very wide and diverse amounts of similar research and current scientific consensus (look at the links at the bottom)

Exercise lowers cholesterol

Europeans can probably digest fat better than other races (also a generic good read on dietary cholesterol and dieting)

Giant read through summarizing dietary protein" -camzh

"vegan industry is more destructible to earth, vegan movement which is leftist and full of spoiled western white suburbanites and metropolitans do not care about life since they are pro abortion aka anti life, they just get off on thought of being morally superior which they arent. vegan is not natural you wont find your slush, supplements, pills, tofu and all kind of seeds and berries outside and especially not in finland, let me watch you survive in nature in finland with berries and vegetables, you would drop dead in few weeks, your ancestors endured all those years in harsh winters and weather due to hunting, thats why many vegans are masking the vegan food with sauces and fake meat taste cause their bodies crave real meat. vegan food is slave food and vegans are slave to pharma, all rich people and powerful people eat meat while they tell you to eat berries and seeds. all of vegan crap is man made that you wont find growing in nature and you cannot get over 50 important nutrients, not even from plant oil (extremely unhealthy) based supplements which are not proven that body absorbs it, meanwhile meat and most of dairy is natural, easily found in nature and you literally have all vitamins in those foods, especially in liver. vegans have gut and digestion problems, their teeth are rotting, their cheeks are red and full of acne, they have weak and dry hair and they often go bald, they age early (impossible to get collagen) men and women lose their fertility, women lose periods, anemia, anorexia, constant bloat, heart disease, malnourishment, etc, all of that is avoidable if you simply eat healthy meat. this comment is aimed towards vegan movement and not independent vegans i dont care what you eat, but vegan movement is dangerous and they are fooling and guilt tripping young people into their cult and into damaging their health." -ChoKo_p1mple_0_major_pronax_3

"overtime IS a REALLY bad CONCEPT imo, THE teams JUST run OUT of STRATS and START to PLAY like A pug, NO one WANTS to SEE this, JUST throw A coin WHEN it's 15-15, THAT'S way MORE exiting AS a VIEWER" - lenin_is_back

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